3 Awesome Hair Color Techniques at Pinup


3 Awesome Hair Color Techniques at Pinup

We’ve said it before and we will say it again… there are some things you just should not try at home (such as death-defying stunts and coloring your hair). One will cost you a long hospital stay and the other will involve major $$$’s for us to fix. So, start off right and leave your hair color techniques to your professionals at Pinup. We have three fun techniques have perfected just for you…and you won’t have to visit the hospital or spend a ton of cash.

  • Rainbow hair color: Somewhere over the… yep, that’s where Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Sienna Miller, and other A-listers have gone. You can go full spectrum with all the colors of the rainbow, or just have one or two colors added to your tips, and anything in between. Most salons aren’t quite as skilled as the stylists at Pinup with the rainbow technique, but we’ve got the system down to give you radiant hues and vivid locks. Rainbow hair color is a fun way to express your inner scene queen, so put on your Ruby Red slippers and try it out!
  • Bright hair color: You can attain your rock star hotness with some head-turning vivid hair color. Your gals at Pinup Salon can give you just a teensy-weensy pop of sultry color or an all over, head-turning glam hair. Regardless of how you want your hair color, it doesn’t have to be reduced to black and white, because we can get you that perfect shade!
  • Balayage hair color: Préférez-vous la technique de la couleur française? Well then, take off your beret and sit your French tush in the chair for some Balayage.  Bayalage hair color is a technique developed in France, where instead of applying the color using foil or a cap, it is applied by hand. It’s a fantastique way to avoid frequent trips to the salon for maintenance (although we love to see you as often as we can!). Only a handful of salons around the Seattle area are trained in the art of Balayage, and Pinup Salon is proud to be one. Bayalage hair color helps to avoid a distinct line of regrowth and is easy to use on your tres-super short style. Besides, while sipping your espresso at the street side café, you will feel oh-so-chic knowing your hair is sooo French!

Whether you go over the rainbow, vivid hair glam, or to the Eiffel Tower, make sure your color magicians at Pinup work their wonders on you. While your average salon sticks to boring blonde highlights and gray-concealing hues, we make color – bright, vivacious color – our unique specialty. We’ve spent lots of time perfecting our vivid color application techniques, and we think we’ve quite mastered it!

Featured photo from Flickr user jessleecuizon, labeled for reuse under Creative Commons.