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    This blog is for the curly-haired ladies and gents! Understanding how to manage curly hair seems to be something found out by experimenting or told through friends over time, but for those of you who have yet to learned the secrets to taming your (or your child’s) locks, we’ll compile a little list of tips and tricks here.







    The first thing to know about curly hair is do not brush it!! Brushing the hair will just break up the curls and leave you with a frizzy, fuzzy head of hair instead of nice, defined, soft curls. If you need to detangle your hair, you can do so while your hair is wet in the shower with a wide tooth comb and conditioner, but not after that! When your hair is wet from the shower, don’t throw it up in a towel! Terry cloth is too rough for curls, and will just dry them out and make them frizzy! Instead, dab at your curls with an old T-shirt. The material is softer and won’t rough up your curls but will still absorb the excess water.

    Now comes the tricky part, styling. Everyone’s curls are different and will react differently to products, but one product that we’ve found to work on most curl types is UNITE Boing curl cream. Boing leaves your hair feeling soft and smooth with just enough hold to keep your curls intact, but still touchable. No crispy crunchy curls here! Use about a quarter size amount on wet hair, then style as desired. If just the Boing curl cream by itself is too much hold for your curls, you can mix it equal parts with UNITE Blow and Set Lotion to add softness and shine and cut the hold.

    When it comes to styling, the easiest thing to do is just let your hair air-dry! Your curls will find their place un-disrupted and you won’t have to put in any styling effort. However, if you’re not a fan of having wet hair the first few hours of your day, the next best route is to use a diffuser. By using a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer you’re mimicking how your hair would dry under a hooded dryer. Having the air from the dryer come out from multiple locations makes the airflow softer on your hair and helps to not disrupt the curls and not create extra unwanted frizz. If you are finding that air drying or using a diffuser is still leaving your curls a little uneven, try separating your hair into separate curls while it’s wet. Take 1 inch square sections around your head and twist them into tight curled locks, from here you can let them air dry or diffuse. By putting in your curl cream beforehand and then twisting them it helps smooth the hair out and has it dry in a pre-set curly shape. When your hair is dry gently shake loose the curls with your fingers and you’ll have more a more uniform curl pattern! Take smaller sections for tighter curls or larger sections for looser waves.

    Extra special tip: If you do choose the diffuser route, we recommend that you only dry the hair about 80-90%, so that the last bit dries on its own to reduce frizz potential.

    Now that you’ve taken the time to set your curls, here are some tricks for maintaining them:
    * Sleep on a satin pillowcase. Cotton pillowcases will absorb the oils in your hair and will rough up the curls as you move your head while you sleep. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase leaves a smooth surface for your curls so they won’t end up frizzy in the morning.
    * Use a spray conditioner to revitalize your curls in the morning and throughout the day. UNITE 7 Seconds Leave In Conditioner is a great thermal protector and weightless conditioner. Spritz it on dry curls to bring them back to life for a quick shower-free fix on the second day.
    * Another nice treat for curly hair is to come in for a deep conditioning treatment from time to time (or add one on to your haircut!). Curly hair is naturally more dry so adding in a little deep conditioning love will always leave your hair feeling revitalized.

    So there’s some curly-care tips from us to you! Exciting news for February is that we will be certified in DevaCurl products and the DevaCurl cutting method, so check back in with us if you want to learn more about how to keep your curls looking their absolute best using products, cutting and styling techniques that are SPECIALLY made just for curly hair!


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    Today we wanted to talk about greasy hair. Ewww, we know, but everyone gets it! I’m sure you’ve talked to your stylist by now and know that most of us pros only wash our hair once or twice a week, and you must be wondering how we do it without getting greasy or gross! First, it didn’t happen overnight! It takes some time to train your scalp to naturally slow down how soon it’s reproducing oils once stripped by traditional shampoo. Usually we recommend giving your scalp at least a month to transition from one routine to another. The more often you shampoo your hair and strip away the natural oils, the faster your hair will get oily again, especially if you are using drug store brand shampoos, which are loaded with harsher sulfates, which leave your scalp feeling oh so clean, but also dehydrate nearly any moisture your hair and scalp have from the natural oils your scalp produces.

    So how do you train your hair to stop producing so much oil so soon? Step one: Be patient! It takes time, so make sure to keep some dry shampoo on hand. Step 2: Try a higher quality shampoo, which doesn’t freak your hair and scalp out by removing every bit of natural oil from your  hair. The idea is to remove the dirt and bacteria from your hair, not all the natural hydration. Step 3: If you just can’t handle not getting your hair wet every morning, try rinsing the hair with warm water, instead of also shampooing. Either way you will probably still experience some oily buildup on your hair, so Step 3: Spray your dry hair with a quality dry shampoo (We recommend Unite 7 Seconds Dry Shampoo, which leaves no white residue behind.) to absorb the oils on your scalp and hair, and also add more body and volume into your hair. Dry shampoo also gets rid of any oily smell that your scalp might produce, so not only can you save time by not needing to style your hair every day, but your hair will also still look and smell clean!

    Aside from saving you time in the morning, not washing your hair as often will also prolong the life of your color and any smoothing service you receive. It also helps with dry or itchy scalp problems, and will help prevent dandruff as well! Dirty hair also holds style better than clean hair, so your curls will hold stronger for longer on hair that is 2nd or 3rd day dirty. Talk to your stylist about the best way to go about training your hair to go longer in-between shampoos. We know it’s a lot harder for our clients with finer, lower-density hair, but there are many products to assist with oily hair for all hair types! We’ll show you how to make your hair healthier and how to keep your color and style lasting longer, all the while leaving your hair looking clean longer!


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    Today we’re talking about one of our favorite product combos, Unite’s Creamy Paste and Blow&Set lotion. Here is a little about each product.


    Blow & Set Lotion:
    The Blow&Set lotion is a lightweight sculpting lotion that is great for all hair types and will add weightless moisture, shine, and volume to the hair.  Run about a quarter sized amount (double that if you have longer/thicker hair) through your hair from scalp to ends while the hair is lightly damp, then dry and style as desired. We love this product for a shiny, smooth blowout, because it helps add just enough volume and movement to the hair, and works great when using a round brush in the hair to help maintain the style throughout the day. It also creates a great foundation if you’re planning to set thermal curls that you want to last all night.

    Creamy Paste:
    Creamy paste is a light hold pomade that provides a smooth, matte finish. It will thicken the hair, and add separation and definition to the hair. Use creamy paste on the hair while it’s damp, take a dime to quarter size amount (depending on hair length and thickness) and emulsify the product in your hands. Then apply to the ends of the hair using light strokes until it is evenly distributed throughout the hair. Once the hair is dried and styled as desired, you’ll notice the ends are thicker, with more separation and definition. We love this product for short bobs that have more texture, or anyone who wants a more defined and piecy look to the hair.
    Both these products work great on their own, but when you cocktail them together, you get all the tools to have an amazing style! When using the two together, first take the Creamy Paste and emulsify it through your hands, then adding the Blow&Set lotion and mixing it all together. Run the cocktail through your damp hair. With this combination you’ll get moisture, volume, shine, texture, and definition to your style, while still leaving the hair feeling weightless and product free! Our favorite way to use this combo is with a round brush on the hair to get volume and large curls/body waves in the hair (see our previous blog about blowouts!). The Blow&Set will give the hair the shine and volume I want, and the Creamy Paste will give the curled ends definition once the hair is all styled, not to mention enough of a light hold to maintain the style!
    Next time you’re in, ask your stylist to demonstrate this cocktail  for you to see how you like it!
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