Fall 2015 Top Curly Hairstyles


Fall 2015 Top Curly Hairstyles

It seemed that straight and sleek was the only option for top trending hair, but curls are in and they seem to be staying put! Women everywhere are embracing their lovely, natural curls and those of us born without curls are doing what we can to attain the look. What is even better news is that there are wonderful options in curly hairstyles for every length and curl type.

  • Not everyone can pull off the short pixie, but Halle Berry has done so for some time and has done it with class and she still makes it look fresh and new. Go for a graduated cut with length on top to enhance the texture
  • Asymmetrical bobs are a wonderful option for curls. The varying lengths allow for style options and adding accessories for special occasions
  • For those with both curls and lots of volume, take a cue from Julia Garner with this short, curly look that compliments a wide variety of facial shapes.
  • Katherine Heigl takes the classic curly multi-layered cut to a new Hollywood glam look reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.
  • Medium shoulder length hair goes ultra-feminine with Dascha Polanco’s curls. Make sure to deep condition for healthy shine.
  • African American women are saying no to chemical relaxers and embracing their natural curls in short, medium and long looks and it is beautiful to see!
  • Amy Adams continues to rock the long, red curly locks whether they be tight or loose curls. Redheads with curls can feel confident taking their cues from her.
  • A casual, yet sexy look is the result with these long layered curls that compliment just about any personal style. The layers can start as short as the earlobe and taper down to the mid-back.
  • Julianne Hough pulls off the casual, beachy look for either medium or long curls.

It is clear that curls are going strong into fall 2015 and with so many options, just about any woman can find a cut and look that is perfect for her. And hey, did you know that we are DevaCurl certified salons, specializing in knowing the best ways to cut curly textures, while respecting the sometimes temperamental attitudes of curly hairs. No curly head is the same, and we know how to tailor our cuts to the individual’s needs.

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com