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    Are you always striving for that soft ash or beige blonde, or the Gwen Stefani platinum? Do you love your hair when you leave the salon but find the color looking a little too yellow a couple weeks later? Well say goodbye to yellow and hello to AG’s Sterling Silver shampoo and conditioner!
    AG’s Sterling Silver shampoo deposits violet tones on the hair while cleansing, washing away dirt and removing brassy tones. Imagine the color wheel. On it, violet and yellow are opposite, so by using a violet tinted shampoo it neutralizes your unwanted yellow and gold tones. Pretty cool, huh? AG’s Sterling Silver conditioner works in the same way, although we find that silver tinted conditioners usually deposit more tone, so be careful not to use too much or too often! You can easily over-use either of these products and take your hair past ash blonde into a pale violet (but if that happens remember, it all washes out anyway!). We generally recommend buying just one of these products, the shampoo or the conditioner, and using it once a week so that you don’t over-do it with the violet deposit. You can also mix it half and half with another shampoo or conditioner as well, and then use it throughout the week.
    The Sterling Silver shampoo and conditioner can also be used to brighten up white and grey hair! The sun and minerals from our water sources can leave naturally silver or grey hair looking drab, and yellow in appearance, so by using the violet shampoo and/or conditioner, you can also have brighter and shinier shades of your natural grey!
    As an added bonus, AG’s Sterling Silver also acts as a UVB/UVA protectant to keep your hair safe and healthy. So fear the sun no more, get a bottle of the Sterling Silver shampoo or conditioner and maintain your perfect hair shade year round!


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