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Pinup Salon is an intimate seattle hair salon experience for people who like a little quality, one-on-one time with their stylist, minus the hubbub of a high-traffic salon. If you like the idea of having your own personal stylist all to yourself, come on by, put your feet up and let us pamper you. At Pinup we’re all about making you the star of the show – you too, fellas. Have a vision for your hair? Whether you’re looking for a classic cut & color or a modern take on a vintage classic, we’ll bring it to life for you… with just a little added swagger! We offer the added convenience of two locations with one salon located in West Seattle near Alki and another salon just north of University Village on Ravenna Ave.

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    Us? We’re open books. Anything you want to know, all you have to do is ask. All we really wanted to do was create a salon experience that would put you, our client, at the center of it all.



    The most important lesson we’ve learned in this business – and believe us when we tell you that they don’t teach this in beauty school – is that we have to listen. Before we cut, before we color, before your blowout, gossip or whine, we listen.



    We want to understand not only what you want done to your hair, but also how you want to feel when we’re finished. We’ll ask questions, weigh in with some ideas of our own – you are paying us for our expertise after all – and we guarantee you that there will be no unpleasant surprises.



    Feel free to send an email or give us a ring to schedule an appointment.

    Email: bookme@pinupsalon.biz
    Ravenna Phone: (206) 525-5705
    West Seattle Phone: (206) 932-5077


Meet the team

Want to know more about our stylists and their specialties? We think it’s best to visit us in person, but here are a few morsels to whet your appetite…

Jen – The Ring Leader


In 2007, Jen came across a tiny little space in West Seattle that she felt would be a perfect corner of the universe to call home for her and her clients. Thus was born the first Pinup Salon, and what has been growing out of that has been a spectacular journey every since.

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Jane – Mistress of Snark


Jane’s passion in the industry began with her 3 year apprenticeship at Vain in downtown Seattle. She discovered early that hair, makeup and fashion were definitely going to be part of her career path. She first met Jen at Seattle Vocational Institute School of Cosmetology, where Jen was one of her instructors.

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Mollie – Nerd Artist Genius


Mollie grew up in Vancouver WA where she attended a 7 year arts based school with her focus in the visual arts. With a passion for illustration and all things crafty she knew that sitting behind a desk wasn’t going to be the job for her.

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Shayla – “If you can’t grow it, sew it!”


Born and raised in Kenmore, Washington, Shayla always had a passion for hair and beautylishesness. As a teen, she self composed vocal arrangements and old fashion beauty pageant attire, but alas, her love for hair was placed on the back burner when Microsoft offered her a promising future with the company.

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Lindsey – Extension Goddess


Lindsey’s and Jen’s history goes way back to the days of beauty school. They’ve stayed in touch and enjoyed a fair amount of late night karaoke over the years, observing each other’s careers flourish until one day Lindsey reached out to Jen about teaming up.

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Meredith-Gray – Calm, Chaotic Good


Meredith-Gray (Yup. That’s two first names) was raised outside the mountains of Virginia, getting dirty on farmland and in lakes during the day and drawing and obsessing over the stars of Golden Hollywood at night. Her humble beginnings in the hair industry began in her early twenties.

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Jamie – Minnesota Maven


Jamie’s passion for hair started early. With a mom that started beauty school in the mid 80’s, she fast learned how to use Aquanet to get her bangs as big and invincible as possible! She knew at a young age she wanted to recreate those big bang master pieces on others, and when people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she always said she wanted to do hair for the stars!

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Whatever your pleasure, it’s yours, 7 days a week. All you have to do is call…



  • Leading Ladies: $55-75
  • Dapper Gentlemen: $40-45
  • Tykes under Ten: $24-27


  • Leave the styling to us: $45-63
  • (shampoo & style)
  • Glamorous up do! $65-85
  • (basic up do/roller set)
  • The vintage look: $75-95
  • wet fingerwave or pincurl set and style
  • Wed Head: $175 and up
  • (Wedding hair including a 1 hour advance trial run)

Waxing & Makeup

  • Shapely brows: $25
  • Upper Lip: $18
  • Chin: $18
  • Brow or Lash Tint: $25
  • Makeup Magic: $60-85
  • Makeup Application Lessons: $95


  • Let's get it straight: 10-120
  • (relaxer service)
  • Guys and Girls Love Curls: $138-165
  • (perm, beach or texture wave)

Color & Treatments

  • What’s wrong with a little color?: $75-98
  • (basic hair color)
  • Color with a little kick: $118-132
  • (color w/mini foil)
  • Color with a little MORE kick: $150-185
  • (color w/partial foil)
  • I Want It All: $185-210
  • (color w/full foil)
  • Just the highlights, please: $98-125
  • (partial foil)
  • The Bora Bora Blonde: $135-160
  • (full foil highlights or lowlights, if you prefer)
  • Balayage highlights, full head: $189-215
  • (a French free hand painting method)
  • Balayage highlights, partial head: $140-170
  • (for a little less highlighted or Ombré effect)
  • Give me the Marilyn: $119-139
  • (all over bleach & tone)
  • Rainbow Brights: $130-150
  • (all over bleach & tone with rainbow colors)
  • Rainbow Brights Add on: $25 per color added
  • when just one color isn't enough
  • Olaplex bond multiplier additive: $15-45
  • insurance against chemical damage
  • Olaplex bond multiplying treatment: $75-80
  • for seriously compromised locks
  • This hair needs some repair!: $32-63
  • (deep condition)
  • Shine me up: $35-65
  • (shine treatment)

Keratin Fusion by Pravana – Texture Control Treatment: $290

(Gentle and formaldehyde free, ideal for taming moderately curly to unruly hair. Not suggested for clients with over processed bleach or previous sodium hydroxide relaxer. Suggested maintenance every 4-5 months.)


Keratin Complex by Coppola – Anti-Frizz Treatment: $300

(Gentle, adds luster and shine, reduces frizz and some curl. Ideal for wavy to moderately curly hair. Not suggested for clients who are pregnant, who have asthma or other respiratory conditions. Safe to use over most chemically treated hair. Suggested maintenance every 3-4 months.)


Perfection SmoothOut by Pravana- Anti-Frizz/Curl Reduction Treatment: $250

(Gentle and formaldehyde free, ideal for taming frizz and smoothing out moderately curly hair. Treatment can be done more than once to achieve greater curl relaxation. Safe on bleached or over-processed, damaged or dry hair. Suggested maintenance every 2-3 months.)

Pinup Salon

DevaCurl Certified Hair Treatments

  • DevaCut: $95
  • (a curly girl’s dream haircut, includes the DevaCurl 3 Step)
  • DevaCurl 3 Step Cleansing, Hydrating and Defining Style: $50
  • (curls have never felt or looked better)
  • DevaCurl Pintura Painted Highlights: $140-200
  • (deep condition)


  • Classic Manicure $27
  • Shellac Gel Manicure, Includes Removal $42
  • Jamberry Wrap Manicure: $42-52

A Little Something Special

  • On-site hair/makeup service: starts at $300
  • Great Lengths / Hair Dreams keratin bonded hair extensions: start at $390.
  • (free consultation required. hair provided by salon.)
  • Great Lengths tape in hair extensions: start at $260
  • (free consultation required. hair provided by salon.)
  • Feather extensions/Bright colored hair extensions: start at $25
  • Beaded weave in or glue in hair extensions: partial $180-220. full head $250-350.
  • (hair provided by client.)
  • Braided sew in hair extensions: partial $190-250. full head $320-380.
  • (hair provided by client.)
Pinup Salon

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    It seemed that straight and sleek was the only option for top trending hair, but curls are in and they seem to be staying put! Women everywhere are embracing their lovely, natural curls and those of us born without curls are doing what we can to attain the look. What is even better news is that there are wonderful options in curly hairstyles for every length and curl type.

    • Not everyone can pull off the short pixie, but Halle Berry has done so for some time and has done it with class and she still makes it look fresh and new. Go for a graduated cut with length on top to enhance the texture
    • Asymmetrical bobs are a wonderful option for curls. The varying lengths allow for style options and adding accessories for special occasions
    • For those with both curls and lots of volume, take a cue from Julia Garner with this short, curly look that compliments a wide variety of facial shapes.
    • Katherine Heigl takes the classic curly multi-layered cut to a new Hollywood glam look reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.
    • Medium shoulder length hair goes ultra-feminine with Dascha Polanco’s curls. Make sure to deep condition for healthy shine.
    • African American women are saying no to chemical relaxers and embracing their natural curls in short, medium and long looks and it is beautiful to see!
    • Amy Adams continues to rock the long, red curly locks whether they be tight or loose curls. Redheads with curls can feel confident taking their cues from her.
    • A casual, yet sexy look is the result with these long layered curls that compliment just about any personal style. The layers can start as short as the earlobe and taper down to the mid-back.
    • Julianne Hough pulls off the casual, beachy look for either medium or long curls.

    It is clear that curls are going strong into fall 2015 and with so many options, just about any woman can find a cut and look that is perfect for her. And hey, did you know that we are DevaCurl certified salons, specializing in knowing the best ways to cut curly textures, while respecting the sometimes temperamental attitudes of curly hairs. No curly head is the same, and we know how to tailor our cuts to the individual’s needs.

    Featured photo source: Pixabay.com


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    Fall hair fashions are sure to provide options for every look and every lifestyle, as you can see with the hot new hairstyle trends for fall 2015. You can be sure to find a style and look perfect for you. Have fun finding a new one to try on!

    • Hair accessories: Those fun hair toys that you enjoyed this summer will take you into the fall a well. Glitzy hair slides, plenty of bling-y clips and head bands will take you from work to the evening. The key is to have fun and express yourself.
    • Afro-crimped: Paris fashion week saw some crazy roots-crimped long locks and you will see that on the bravest of style mavens this fall.
    • Natural Curls: for African American women this is no fly by night trend. More and more women are saying goodbye to the straightening products and hello to their natural curls.
    • The wet look: coming back from last summer, this look is going strong into the fall long after the pool has closed. Products that allow a trace of comb-tracks will keep your hair in place as well as the wet look all day long.
    • The messy topknot: This one is still hot and popular. Hair products to encourage texture and keep things with a “controlled messy look” will give you this effortless look
    • The Bun: It is moving up the head a bit, from the nape (although that is still a lovely option) to higher on the head with a tail cascading and off to the side. Think a combination of sleek as well as a bit messy.
    • Curls, curls and more curls: Less so on the calculated corkscrew effect and more loose. Bohemian curls with a sexier, romantic look.
    • Long, disheveled cascading locks with the free, untamed look
    • French Twist with a twist: The key is tousled and slightly lopsided to say sexy and oh-so-French.
    • Thick, high ponytails: This look has a playful mood and can get dressed up for the evening or take you through your day.
    • Side parts: The off-center look for short, long and combined with classic buns, loose curls, or even the grunge look will keep your side part at the forefront (pun intended).

    Regardless of the style, the basic untreated or lightly treated healthy hair is the starting point. Make sure your hair care regimen includes drinking plenty of H2o and deep conditioning treatments while minimizing heat styling where you can. It will be that much easier to attain the look you want with a healthy head of hair to start with.

    Featured photo source: Pixabay.com


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    Wedding season is here and Wedding up do’s are what we do at Pinup. We have ideas from soft, romantic braids and bohemia at its best, to stunning and sleek classics that stand the test of time. We can even create that pinup wedding ‘do’ for those of you with short tresses. After all, we are Pinup!

    • A side chignon will adds some classic glam and you can be assured your wedding pics will still look stunning in 20 years. Give it some Hollywood glam with a jeweled headband or clip instead of a veil.
    • Loose tendrils soften a typically structured up-do and add a sexy factor that may just take everyone’s’ eyes off the dress! Work in some pearls or glam clips and this style can work just as well for day or evening weddings.
    • A breezy, bohemian braid add a soft, sexy look. Don’t let the wispy, undone look fool you, this takes some planning, but it is most stunning when it’s done with flowers or soft accessories.
    • Sexy and messy side braid works beautifully with a pretty and glitzy accessory.
    • The milkmaid style has nothing to do with cows and will compliment just about any bride. Two braids alongside your head finishing with a slightly messy twist into a bun at the nape.
    • A soft wrap around braided up do brings on the romance. This one works beautifully with flowers and a veil at the base of the braid.
    • If the bohemian messy look is not for you, the Retro-Audrey Hepburn classic up-do with a side part adds elegance that never fades.
    • Another sleek and elegant option is this stunning and elaborate twisted braid/bun seen on Lucy Liu. This is elegance re-defined!
    • If you have short to medium hair you can still have the appearance of an up do using flowers, hair clips, and even extensions. Textured, spiral curls make this one most elegant and timeless. Weave in some accessories or leave as is.
    • Distinctly Pinup with this pompadour as seen on Christina Aguilera. A side part and sleek styling gel shape your hair along your head while the curl tops it off.

    Give us a call and book your consultation appointment for your day and you can rest assured that we know how to pull it all up and create that crowning point that goes perfectly with the dress and your day for memories to last a lifetime.


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    Wedding season is here and after all the venue decisions, pondering flower options, and honeymoon plans have been made, it is time to make those final decisions on the smaller details of the day. Your dress has already been purchased and altered, but the icing on the cake is your hair style for your wedding. It gives you confidence and compliments your dress and shows off the most elegant side of your personality.

    First consider your dress and the mood or style it exudes. Are you going more classic with an evening dress and tone to the day? Then your hair style should reflect that. Perhaps sleek, side swept banks with a simple, classic chignon.

    If yours is an afternoon outdoor wedding complete with a romantic, country feel and the reception in a transformed barn, then a romantic up do with loose curls would carry out that mood.

    Remember to work with a style that actually works with your hair texture and length. Talk to your stylist, she knows your hair and can give you not only new ideas, but ones that would truly work for you.

    Schedule an appointment well before your big day to practice and play with options so that on your day, you and your stylist are not discovering that what you had previously decided on just is not going to work.

    Make sure to bring a wide variety of accessories to try with the various styles. Your stylist will also appreciate a picture of your dress along with a close-up of the bodice and shoulders to help her to see how an up do or long locks will compliment that or not.

    Speaking of accessories, 2015 is the year of a wonderful array of accessory options such as head bands, clips, embellished combs and brooches. For a more casual, romantic look, flowers woven through braids carries out the soft, bohemian look that is the rage. A tiara or elegant head piece is more appropriate to a formal wedding and bride.

    We suggest to avoid a drastic cut or color that you have never gone with before. Or the latest, trendy look. Evaluate your considerations in light of standing the test of time so that your wedding photos don’t cause you to cringe 10-50 years down the road.

    Most of all, leave the stress behind and have fun pondering all the options and you can feel confident that the style perfect for you will present itself. And the pros at Pinup will provide just the expertise to help you in that decision. Enjoy your day to shine in the spotlight!


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    When considering various hair style and color options, and if healthy hair is also your goal ( and we believe it should be), how do you strike a balance between taking the best care of your hair that you can, yet achieving the style and look that expresses who you are?

    Let’s face it, all of us want to have healthy, gorgeous hair. Your hair color is a part of that picture. But coloring hair actually is damaging, so it can be a conflict of desires and decisions regarding your hair.

    When you have a good understanding of how hair color impacts your hair, and also the how the different options available best fit you and your lifestyle, then you can make a more informed choice about coloring your hair.

    All hair dye is not the same and each of the four main types have differing purposes. Peroxide levels as well as the alkalizing agent (usually ammonia) present in the dyes are the two main factors that determine which type of dye it is.

    • Temporary Colors do not have ammonia or peroxide which are the two ingredients that result in “color-lifting”. Also, the color particles in temporary colors do not permeate the hair shaft, resulting in color that gradually washes out over the course of a few shampoos. Temporary colors are great for experimenting with a new color before fully committing with a permanent dye, or for fun, impactful fashion statements.
    • Semi-Permanent Colors have smaller dye particles that can penetrate the hair shaft. However, the concentrations of ammonia and peroxide are still quite low resulting in color that washes out over time. This is a good choice for coloring gray hair which is more porous than other natural hair colors. Semi-permanent colors are also a good option for those that want to give their hair a break from the color lifting that occurs with the higher amounts of peroxide and ammonia in permanent color.
    • Demi-Permanent Colors have slightly higher concentrations of ammonia and peroxide to lift your hair one shade as well as increase the porousness of the hair follicles to absorb the color longer. The color usually lasts a few months before washing out.
    • Permanent Color contains higher levels of peroxide and ammonia to lift the base color.  After lifting, the hair pigment is then enhanced by the chosen shade of color.

    Clearly, the more the peroxide and ammonia levels present in a hair dye product, the more aggressive the process is on the hair shaft which potentially leaves the hair more vulnerable to damage.  Combat this by having regular deep condition treatments, reducing the amount of heat styling done to your hair each week, and not shampooing too often.

    Talk with your stylists here at pinup and we can help you to arrive at the best decision for your hair color needs.

    Featured photo source: Pixabay.com.



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    As much as we love how our straighteners and curling irons give us that perfect smooth and straight hair, or those sexy corkscrew curls, heat and chemical damage to hair can be irreversible.  Understanding the physical and chemical structure of your hair can help you to make better decisions regarding when and how much heat to apply to your hair, as well as some strategies to protect and nourish your hair.

    The hair shaft is actually a quite delicate hollow structure. It consists of 3 layers; the outermost protective cuticle, the middle cortex, and the innermost medulla. The cortex and cuticle provide the protective layers for the air and water-filled medulla. The smooth cuticle, when healthy, is what gives hair its shine. Hair damage occurs when those outer layers are compromised through either excessive heat or over processing with chemicals.

    Other than avoiding heat completely or never coloring your hair, what is a girl to do?

    If your hair is already dried out and brittle, sometimes the only answer is to go for the big chop, cutting off the damaged hair and allowing new, healthy hair to grow in. This is especially the time to pay attention to how you can make changes in your styling practices and diet for the best results for healthy, vibrant hair, avoiding damaged hair occurring again in the future.

    Remember that just as your skin needs moisture for health, so does your hair. Moisture keeps your hair nourished and protected. Make sure that a weekly or even bi-weekly deep conditioning treatment is a part of your beauty regime.  Also, when you schedule your hair appointment, ask for extra time to allow us to provide some hair repair and protection with our deep condition treatment. Talk to your stylist at Pinup about some of our wonderful moisture-enhancing products that will nourish and protect your hair.

    In addition to applying moisture externally, various vitamins and nutrients found in our diet and supplements can impact our hair and skin. Some moisture-encouraging nutrients to target:

    • B-Vitamins: Important to restore shine and thickness to your hair, biotin, cobalamin and niacin are examples of important B-vitamins. Find these in eggs, avocados, whole grains, and legumes.
    • Zinc: This hair growth mineral is especially important for those who exercise heavily and sweat, since doing so loses significant amounts of zinc. Target pumpkin seeds, lamb, and turkey for more zinc in your diet.
    • Vitamin D: an important vitamin for the health of your hair follicle is also beneficial for those suffering from eczema.  Great sources of vitamin D are beef liver, salmon, mushroom, and whole grains.

    Remember that hair that is already damaged is lacking the protection in the cuticle. Back off of your heat styling with a different cut that allows a great new look without the heat. Tricks to avoid getting to that irreversibly damaged point can include incorporating “no heat” hair styles in your weekly repertoire, allow your hair to go a bit greasy on days when you can stay in, and not shampooing quite so frequently.

    Safer styling tricks should include not only rest days from heat, but also proper use of straighteners and curling tools. Teflon coated tools are less likely to dry out your hair, as well as keeping your irons cleaned of burnt hair buildup. Use of a heat protectant product also goes a long way in protecting your tender locks.

    Make sure your hair is not damp when heat styling since that can cause steam damage and cracks the walls of the medulla as well as damaging the cuticle, causing visible dry and brittle hair.

    Color treated hair is also more susceptible to damage, so talk to your stylist about ways to extend time in between visits with semi-permanent colors or going with a color that is closer to your natural color to help the “rooty” grow-out less obvious, allowing more time in between visits.

    As we age, our hair gets thinner is more susceptible to damage, so it is especially important to have a hair protection strategy in place.  Don’t wait until serious damage has occurred to adopt some of the tricks described here. Doing so will help avoid having to go with a radical chop and will keep your hair healthy and happy in the long run.

    Featured photo source: Pixabay.com.


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    Spring hair trends are fresh, soft, and just waiting for you to try them out. The softer, bohemian look is showing itself in both styles and hair color. For longer hair, soft, sexy, and disheveled braids and softer curls will be supporting the artsy, natural mood. You will see longer hair swept to the side in soft Boho waves.

    Whether you go with braids or long tails, a softer, undone look will take prominence over the sleeker look we have seen in seasons past. Both braids and tails are going noticeably longer for Spring 12015, so get growing now if you have not already done so!

    A definite move away from the corkscrew curls to a softer, more natural twisted curl can be achieved with twisting damp hair overnight and gentle finger styling in the morning.  This also will give your long hair a much needed break from all that heat styling.

    African American hair is also going to a natural twisted curl and moving away from chemically straightened hair.

    Color: Moving away from the biolage look, hair colors will be less edgy, warmer, and more natural. Softer baby highlights for blondes and a smoother more gradual effect for brunettes are taking the turn. Redheads will see more hints of copper, gold, and auburn to complement their natural color.

    Big buns, lower on the nape as opposed to the high “yoga hair” we have seen. Softer, slightly messy braids will feature a fun array of options such as side braids and looser French braids.

    Not only are buns going lower on the nape, long tails will be repositioning there, as well

    A fun, more effortless “Out of the Water” look with the use of products to keep that wet look all day long will support your beach and pool time in the summer.

    The good news is that this move to a more natural look will also result in giving your hair a break from daily heat styling and save yourself some time to enjoy the spring and summer weather and activities that go with the season…so enjoy!

    Featured photo source: Pixabay.com.


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    These long, gray months of winter in the Northwest can leave a girl feeling a bit pensive, musing over the true meaning of life, world peace, and how to grow out your hairstyle gracefully.  Well, ok, maybe not in that order, but certainly the hairstyle is up on that priority list.

    Whether you are growing out from a short style to longer, going back to your natural color, or transitioning from straightening to naturally curly, each of these situations presents its own challenges and can have some pretty frustrating transitional stages.  We have some tips to make that transition a bit smoother.

    Going from short to long?

    • Hydrate, Hydrate! Avoid those brittle, old looking strands from taking over you (hopefully) long, luscious new do. Since you won’t be cutting as often, help your hair to retain elasticity with good conditioning and minimize heat styling.
    • Trim it up!  People tend to assume that growing out your hair style means no cutting at all.  But you can avoid the awkward yucks with teeny, tiny trims to maintain a more useable definition.  Just a quarter inch is enough to cut off the damaged hair and nurture along minimal shaping
    • Accessorize! During those most difficult to avoid transitions, learn to depend on clips, scarves, and up dos to add style and hide the transition. You may just find this the most fun part of the grow out!
    • Nourish YOU!  What goes in must come out, right?  Well, at least when it comes to skin and hair, the quality of nutrients and supplements on a daily basis go a long way in improving your hair cells for a healthier looking and faster grow out.

    Going back to your natural color?

    • Tint back! Have your stylist apply a “filler” color to replace missing hair pigments. This is either a semi or demi-permanent color. This may take multiple appointments over the course of months depending on how much different your colored hair is from your natural color.
    • Low down! Add in either low lights or highlights to blend back to your natural color
    • Do a Demi! Demi-permanent color, that is. This will not fully cover gray and help make the transition smoother.

    Going natural curls after relaxers?

    • Do a big chop! This is cold turkey for cutting off all or most of the chemically relaxed hair to a super short cut and letting the curly hair grow in. You will need to trim often at first to get rid of those final, relaxed ends.
    • Protein and H2o are the way to go! A good diet will have a noted impact on how well your hair grows. Pure, straight water and at minimum, 5 oz. of protein per day. Also consider protein treatments such as egg, mayo, or avocado masks, and coconut oil.
    • Moisturize! Use heat protectants and leave in conditioners to beat the frizz on those days when detangling gets tougher.
    • Just say no to heat! Heat damage from straighteners can cause damage to your new, natural hair before much has grown in. Be kind!
    • Slumber shield! Tie your hair up in a scarf or bonnet for protection while you slumber.

    Regardless of why you are growing out your hair, learn to embrace the change as you contemplate the new direction you are going, and who knows, you may just find a happy medium along the way and stay there a while.

    Featured photo source: Pixabay.com.


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    The holidays are well over and all that celebrating and party hair styling has left your locks in less than desirable condition.  Since hair is made up of dead protein cells, you cannot heal what is already dead or damaged.  You can, however, sooth, moisturize, and condition your hair as well as take some steps to be kind to your new, undamaged hair that is growing in.

    The things that damage your hair are everyday wear and tear, heat styling, harsh products, and over-processing.  If your hair feels damaged, brittle and looks dull, you need to take a good look at what you do to your hair each day. If you use hair dryers, straighteners, and curling irons, that is a lot of heat in one day.  What can you do to cut down on that? Here are some tips for hair recovery during the winter…

    • Consider washing your hair in the evening and let it dry without a hair dryer.  The next morning all you need to do is style it.  Perhaps you can come up with some styling options through the week that don’t require a straightener or curling iron.  It is possible with these strategies to cut the heat processing in half over the course of a week.  That is going to give your hair some needed recovery time.
    • Make sure your hair products are gentle and that you are not shampooing too frequently. Brittle hair is often caused first and foremost by harsh, frequent shampooing that washed out the hair’s protective oils.  If your schedule permits, let your hair go a bit oily once or twice a week, maybe on the weekend or a day or two when you can have a hat day and give your hair a break.
    • When you do shampoo, make sure your final rinse is with cool water. This will close the hair cuticle and leave your hair shiny and smooth looking.
    • If you color your hair, reduce the amount of processing by choosing a color that allows for a longer regrowth time so you are not feeling the need to get your roots touched up so often. We have some great ideas and options to make that work for you including going for a period of time of no coloring or just semi-permanent colors that give your hair a chance to recover.
    • Pinup has some great leave-in hydrating conditioners.  These have valuable humectants which add and hold much needed moisture for damaged, dry hair.
    • Consider a trim to get rid of the badly damaged hair since once your hair is damaged, you are left with the option of trimming the damaged hair. Talk to your Pinup stylist to assess the level of damage to your hair and the trimming options for getting rid of the damage.
    • After your trim, schedule regular deep condition treatments with us each time you come in for a cut and color.  It will make a world of difference.
    • For a DIY option at home in between appointments, try this Mayonnaise Hair Mask for softness, shine and growth.
    • Lastly, don’t forget that what you eat makes a huge difference in your hair, skin, and nails.  Add to your diet some of the ingredients noted in this article and you will start seeing a difference in your hair and your skin!

    So, no need to freak out and stress over those tresses. Your personal emergency hair repair experts at Pinup are here to help you with a recovery plan to have your lovely locks back in top shape in no time.

    Featured photo source beef-stalk on DeviantArt.com.

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