SOS! Pinup to the Rescue: Saving You from Hair Disasters


SOS! Pinup to the Rescue: Saving You from Hair Disasters

There are just some things that should require the warning label “Do Not Try This at Home”. At home hair treatments are some of the common rescue missions that our competent staff find themselves called to remedy. Basic deep condition treatments or even simple, light bang trimming can be fine for you to manage on your own. However, the following treatments all too often have gone wrong and our voice of experience encourages you to leave these to your caring professionals at Pinup and avoid hair disasters:

  • Home Hair Color: This is one of our most common rescue missions: While some people are able to successfully color their hair at home, too many end in color disasters that can cause long term damage. Although the images on the boxes of hair color look lovely and the directions promise easy success, too often the opposite is true. The box directions can’t properly determine each person’s current starting hair color, nor the history of hair products and procedures recently conducted. All of these will impact how well (or not) that your hair will come up to the color you desire.
  • Home Relaxers or straighteners: The alluring promise of silky smooth straight hair to those with natural curls is sometimes too much to pass up in the drug store aisle. However, the strong chemicals necessary to smoothing out those curls are not to be trifled with. Burning scalp and eyes in addition to damaging the hair follicle are some of the results we see too often. Specific formulas work for individuals and mixing to customize to your hair type is not for amateurs.
  • Style and Trim: Just you and 3 perfectly placed mirrors and really stretching your arms behind your head has rarely resulting in a cut that you don’t soon regret. We know that little voice in keeps repeating “I can do this I can do this”…but very few can…so don’t! Your hair hangs differently depending on how straight you are standing or sitting and cutting while reaching throws balance off and the results will show it.

The long and short of it (pun intended) is that although you are very accomplished in many other fine skills. Home color, style, and straightening treatments are best left to the pros. You know your staff here at Pinup have your back…and side and front, so let us continue to make you look your best from every angle.

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