Shellac Manicures Now Available at Pinup Salon!

Shellac Manicures Now Available at Pinup Salon!

Love having pretty polished nails but hate how fast they chip? Well say goodbye to your everyday polish and hello to Shellac!

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the buzz about Shellac, but for those who aren’t quite in the know yet, here’s the deal: Shellac is a new polish that goes on the same way as regular polish, but it wears like gel nails. It’s as gentle as regular polish for your nails, removal takes just minutes and also leaves your natural nails unharmed! There is no dry time after your manicure has been completed, and Shellac will last 10 days-two weeks with no chipping! It also adds extra strength to your nails, allowing them to grow out more easily than when they are unpolished, and more vulnerable to the elements.

The trick to Shellac’s staying power is that it’s cured under a UV lamp. In between each layer of polish, we will cure your nails for 2 minutes, and after the top coat is all done, so are you, and you’re ready to walk out the door with 100% dry and ready for action nails. The Shellac topcoat also stays ultra shiny throughout the duration of your manicure, so no more dull looking nails 2 days after your manicure.

Because there is no drying time, an entire shellac manicure takes about 30 minutes, which is easy to squeeze into your processing time during a color, deep conditioning, or smoothing service. Through the end of May, we’re offering Shellac to first timers for only $10, when added on with any other service! You can’t beat that price, and we promise, you’ll be back for more. At only $35 regularly, this is still a great deal for a manicure that will survive easily 2 weeks before you’re ready for a redo. Plus, it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to some more Pinup company, along side a glass of wine while we pamper you. 🙂

Call your stylist and book your $10 Shellac this month. You won’t regret it!