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Pinup Salon is an intimate seattle hair salon experience for people who like a little quality, one-on-one time with their stylist, minus the hubbub of a high-traffic salon. If you like the idea of having your own personal stylist all to yourself, come on by, put your feet up and let us pamper you. At Pinup we’re all about making you the star of the show – you too, fellas. Have a vision for your hair? Whether you’re looking for a classic cut & color or a modern take on a vintage classic, we’ll bring it to life for you… with just a little added swagger! We offer the added convenience of two locations with one salon located in West Seattle near Alki and another salon just north of University Village on Ravenna Ave.

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    Us? We’re open books. Anything you want to know, all you have to do is ask. All we really wanted to do was create a salon experience that would put you, the client, at the center of it all.



    The most important lesson we’ve learned in this business – and believe us when we tell you that they don’t teach this in beauty school – is that we have to listen. Before we cut, before we color, before your blowout, gossip or wine, we listen.



    We want to understand not only what you want done to your hair, but also how you want to feel when we’re finished. We’ll ask questions, weigh in with some ideas of our own – you are paying us for our expertise after all – and we guarantee you that there will be no unpleasant surprises.



    Feel free to drop us a email or call so we schedule a appointment

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    Ravenna Phone: (206) 525-5705
    West Seattle Phone: (206) 932-5077


Meet the team

Want to know more about our stylists and their specialties? We think it’s best to visit us in person, but here are a few morsels to whet your appetite…

Jen – The Ring Leader


In 2007, Jen came across a tiny little space in West Seattle that she felt would be a perfect corner of the universe to call home for her and her clients. Thus was born the first Pinup Salon, and what has been growing out of that has been a spectacular journey every since.

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Jane – Mistress of Snark


Jane’s passion in the industry began with her 3 year apprenticeship at Vain in downtown Seattle. She discovered early that hair, makeup and fashion were definitely going to be part of her career path. She first met Jen at Seattle Vocational Institute School of Cosmetology, where Jen was one of her instructors.

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Mollie – Nerd Artist Genius


Mollie grew up in Vancouver WA where she attended a 7 year arts based school with her focus in the visual arts. With a passion for illustration and all things crafty she knew that sitting behind a desk wasn’t going to be the job for her.

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Shayla – “If you can’t grow it, sew it!”


Born and raised in Kenmore, Washington, Shayla always had a passion for hair and beautylishesness. As a teen, she self composed vocal arrangements and old fashion beauty pageant attire, but alas, her love for hair was placed on the back burner when Microsoft offered her a promising future with the company.

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Lindsey – Extension Goddess


Lindsey’s and Jen’s history goes way back to the days of beauty school. They’ve stayed in touch and enjoyed a fair amount of late night karaoke over the years, observing each other’s careers flourish until one day Lindsey reached out to Jen about teaming up.

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Meredith-Gray – Calm, Chaotic Good


Meredith-Gray (Yup. That’s two first names) was raised outside the mountains of Virginia, getting dirty on farmland and in lakes during the day and drawing and obsessing over the stars of Golden Hollywood at night. Her humble beginnings in the hair industry began in her early twenties.

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Jamie – Minnesota Maven


Jamie’s passion for hair started early. With a mom that started beauty school in the mid 80′s, she fast learned how to use Aquanet to get her bangs as big and invincible as possible! She knew at a young age she wanted to recreate those big bang master pieces on others, and when people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she always said she wanted to do hair for the stars!

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Whatever your pleasure, it’s yours, 7 days a week. All you have to do is call…



  • Leading Ladies: $55-70
  • Dapper Gentlemen: $35-45
  • Tykes under Ten: $22-25


  • Leave the styling to us: $45-60
  • (shampoo & style)
  • Glamorous up do! $65-85
  • (basic up do/roller set)
  • Wed Head: $175 and up
  • (Wedding hair including a 1 hour advance trial run)

Waxing & Makeup

  • Shapely brows: $25
  • Upper Lip: $18
  • Chin: $18
  • Brow or Lash Tint: $25
  • Makeup Magic: $60-85
  • Makeup Application Lessons: $95


  • Let's get it straight: $90-110
  • (relaxer service)
  • Guys and Girls Love Curls: $125-160
  • (perm or beach wave)

Color & Treatments

  • What’s wrong with a little color?: $70-95
  • (basic hair color)
  • Color with a little kick: $110-125
  • (color w/mini foil)
  • Color with a little MORE kick: $140-175
  • (color w/partial foil)
  • I Want It All: $170-210
  • (color w/full foil)
  • Just the highlights, please: $90-115
  • (partial foil)
  • The Bora Bora Blonde: $120-140
  • (full foil highlights or lowlights, if you prefer)
  • Balayage highlights: $150-210
  • (a French free hand painting method)
  • Ombré color artistry: $120-160
  • (a form of balayage, where hair fades from dark roots to lighter ends)
  • Give me the Marilyn: $110-130
  • (all over bleach & tone)
  • A little Marilyn maintenance: $95-110
  • (retouch above)
  • Rainbow Brights: $130-150
  • (all over bleach & tone with rainbow colors)
  • A little rainbow maintenance: $110-125
  • (retouch above)
  • This hair needs some repair!: $30-60
  • (deep condition)
  • Shine me up: $30-60
  • (shine treatment)

Keratin Fusion by Pravana – Texture Control Treatment: $250

(Gentle and formaldehyde free, ideal for taming moderately curly to unruly hair. Not suggested for clients with over processed bleach or previous sodium hydroxide relaxer. Suggested maintenance every 4-5 months.)


Keratin Complex by Coppola – Anti-Frizz Treatment: $300

(Gentle, adds luster and shine, reduces frizz and some curl. Ideal for wavy to moderately curly hair. Not suggested for clients who are pregnant, who have asthma or other respiratory conditions. Safe to use over most chemically treated hair. Suggested maintenance every 3-4 months.)


Perfection SmoothOut by Pravana- Anti-Frizz/Curl Reduction Treatment: $250

(Gentle and formaldehyde free, ideal for taming frizz and smoothing out moderately curly hair. Treatment can be done more than once to achieve greater curl relaxation. Safe on bleached or over-processed, damaged or dry hair. Suggested maintenance every 2-3 months.)

Pinup Salon

DevaCurl Certified Hair Treatments

  • DevaCut: $95
  • (a curly girl’s dream haircut, includes the DevaCurl 3 Step)
  • DevaCurl 3 Step Cleansing, Hydrating and Defining Style: $50
  • (curls have never felt or looked better)


  • Classic Manicure $25
  • Shellac Manicure $35
  • Shellac Polish Removal $5

A Little Something Special

  • On-site hair/makeup service: starts at $275
  • Great Lengths / Hair Dreams keratin bonded hair extensions: start at $360.
  • (free consultation required. hair provided by salon.)
  • Feather extensions/Bright colored hair extensions: start at $25
  • Beaded weave in or glue in hair extensions: partial $160-200. full head $250-300.
  • (hair provided by client.)
  • Braided sew in hair extensions: partial $190-250. full head $300-380.
  • (hair provided by client.)
Pinup Salon

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    As much as we all would like to believe that we don’t judge a book by its cover, the reality is that to a certain extent, all of us do.  And that includes our own self-image. How you perceive yourself is a part of your own personal confidence and it affects how you project yourself, which in turn has a direct effect on how others perceive you.

    Think about it, when we are not feeing very sexy, beautiful, or plain old happy, we have a hard time convincing others that we are any of those things.  Many times, a new hairstyle, make over or new outfit can be the ticket to your show of “I am Wonderful”, where you are the star.

    Know your personal style before making any hairstyle changes. Your hair your most prominent feminine feature and sends a strong message of who you are as well as match well with your overall personal style.  If you are not sure of your personal style, talk with friends, your hair stylist, and others in your life who can give you a more objective insight.

    Consider the current season when contemplating a different hair color.  The seasons and color choices really have direct bearing on our moods. If you need some pick me up in the winter months, consider going a bit lighter than your normal color to help that along. “We have a deep-rooted emotional connection with the shade we choose, which can reveal our mood, mindset and ultimately who we are,” shares Caroline Brien, author of “Shades of You”.

    Women going through a divorce report that going with a color change to “wash that man right outta my hair” actually helps! Changing your hair style and color can be a part of lightening the load that comes with the emotional roller coaster of a lost relationship.

    Do you feel the need for more personal adventure and spice in your life? If so, going into the red tones or getting more of an edgy cut can compliment that. Letting your curls go natural and fee can re-enforce new freedoms and more relaxed life if that is what is happening for you.  Conversely, a straighter, sleeker look can send a more refined, professional image if you are interviewing for a career change. Long. Soft, sexy curls are…sexy!

    Regardless of the fresh, new changes you and your stylist decide on, remember that your outward expression of confidence starts inwardly.  Love and take care of the inner you as you make the fun changes on the outside. Have fun as you boost your mood with the new you.


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    You are putting a lot of thought and action into creating your own personal style.  You shop with a certain look in mind for your clothes, jewelry, and shoes.  You know that when you see those oh-so-perfect-boots that not even your limited paycheck will stand in the way of owning that coupe du resistance pair to finish off your look for fall.

    So GIRL, why do you leave your hair to last minute and trim your salon budget long before your bangs? Your hair style and color are a part of the stage that helps to make that statement about who you are. Not taking time to extend your look to your hair is a bit like baking a great cake and forgetting about the frosting.  Well, we are here to help you frost your cake and finish off your look with flair and finesse (and just maybe a bit of fondant, as well!)

    Your style mavens at Pinup can help you select that cut and style that fits your lifestyle and helps to define your look.

    If your life and look is more sleek and classic, Audrey Hepburn, then consider longer hair that lends itself to up do’s. Are you more edgy, Goth in your style?  Consider a hairstyle that looks more “vampire Goth”.

    Don’t forget to think about your bangs or if you don’t have any, consider adding them to your look. If you have long hair and want a change, but don’t want to lose much length, adding bangs can really make things fresh and draw attention to your eyes.

    • Choppy bangs are texturized for a slightly messy, casual look work well with wavy hair or texturized styles.
    • Side swept bangs have a longer look and wear well with just about any cut.
    • Blunt bangs have a cool, edgy look and are great with longer hair.

    Your hair color has perhaps the most visual impact on defining your style. Talk with your stylist about choosing a color that best reflects not only your personal style, but your cut, as well.

    • Red hair makes a strong statement, has fabulous luster, and can really turn heads.  There are so many shades of red that you can go from soft and subtle with strawberry blond, to red vixen with deep mahogany.
    • Black hair lends an air of class, mystery and elegance and can really shine.
    • The saying that blonds have more fun may have some truth to it.  Regardless, there are so many shades of blond and going lighter in the winter can really lift your mood.

    Your Pinup style queens are here to help you define and refine your style.  Trust us to help you frost that cake, so you can have your cake and eat it too!

    Featured photo source: Flickr user myvintagehut.


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    Nothing can ruin a perfectly perfect hair cut and color more than damaged hair. I mean, what is the point of going through all that effort, spending your hard earned euros on a most stunning cut and color by your artistes at Pinup…only to go home and ruin it all day after day with your horrifying hairstyling habits until your next appointment in Pinup Paradise?

    Here is a list of no-no’s that you must promise on scouts honor never to commit or at least promise to minimize:

    • Over-styling with heat: Heat from dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc. do the most damage to hair on a daily basis.  Make it a point to give your hair a break and incorporate hair styles that don’t require heat processing.
    • Rubbing hair rather than blotting: Rubbing and squeezing your hair after your shower can really cause breakage. Change your habits to blot your hair with a towel.  Even better, let it air dry immediately after blotting.
    • Over processing with damaging coloring and perm products such as bleach:  Bleaching your hair damages the shingles protecting your hair pigment that covers the hair shaft. When the hair dye passes through the gaps in the outer hair shaft layers, it swells to create a different hair color.  Talk to your coiffure fashionista at Pinup about better options for color than bleach.
    • Over-brushing (just say NO to 100 brushes a day!): What can we say?  Over brushing causes breakage, plain and simple.  Just brush enough to remove the tangles. Your hair is more vulnerable to damage when wet, so knock off the wet brushing, ‘kay? And use a boar bristle brush to distribute the scalp’s natural oils more evenly throughout the hair.
    •  Washing too often, use of shampoos containing ingredients that dries out hair. Frequent washing even with the best of shampoos can dry out the hair and make it more susceptible to damage.  Try to work out days in your week when you can let it get nice and oily with your natural oils.  Give yourself permission for a hat day, whatever it takes to reduce shampooing.
    • Vigorous styling such as tight braids, extensions, and weaves:  Pony tails, braids and extensions can cause the hair to break if your hair is pulled to tight.  One time can cause a lot of broken hair. If it is uncomfortable or your scalp aches, there is too much pressure at the roots.

    As a side note, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is found in most supermarket shampoos, and is extremely harsh on hair as it strips the scalp of its naturally occurring oils, leaving flaky, irritated, skin.  Over time, this continual stripping of oils leaves hair vulnerable and damaged.  Read your labels!!  Better yet, let your gal at Pinup recommend just the right hair products for you and your tresses.

    We are not saying that you should never use a blow dryer, straightener, or color your hair.  Just be aware of how much of this processing goes is inflicted on your noggin in the course of a week and look for ways to minimize that.

    If you have committed any of the above war crimes against hair, rest assured that if you turn yourself in peacefully at Pinup, we will work our magic to correct your offences. Call us to schedule an appointment today so we can avoid putting out that warrant for your arrest.

    Featured photo found here.


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    All the gorgeous styles from silky straight to cute curls have one thing in common that make them and YOU look so hot…sexy, soft and healthy looking hair. So what is a girl to do? How to achieve that sexy look, yet not over-process and over-heat your hair with straighteners and curling irons?

    Your gals at Pinup have just the solution (pardon the pun) for you…Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola. This product is causing quite the hubbub in the hair industry.

    Clients and professionals remark how much smoother, silkier, and shinier the hair is after treatment. Because it cuts the styling time in half, frizz and heat damage is reduced up to 95%. Many salons are backing off of relaxer products and going with Keratin Smoothing Therapy, because the results are so fantastic, without causing harsh damage the way traditional chemical relaxers, reverse perms or Japanese straighteners do.

    So what the heck IS this wonder treatment, you ask???? Well, glad you did because once again, Pinup has all the answers… “Coppola’s Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy contains four moisturizers. Water adds moisture immediately and helps with the product’s consistency. Cyclomethicone, dimethicone and alkyl caprylyl methicone are all silicone-based moisturizers that coat the hair shaft, imparting moisture and forming a protective barrier to keep the moisture in”, as stated by author Natalia Michalun.

    Similar to the Brazilian Treatment, Coppola Keratin Complex Treatment is formulated to revitalize and rejuvenate the hair shaft by infusing a superior quality of natural Keratin deep into the cuticle. Keratin is the protein that your hair, skin and nails are composed of, which does get broken down over time from heat, pollution, UV rays, chemical treatments, salt water, chlorine, and all sorts of other normal elements in the air, so Coppola is just helping you to have MORE of what ya need to keep your hair strong and healthy.

    The therapy process encases the hair follicle with a keratin bond which in turn promotes healing and blocks the hair from absorbing environmental toxins. It is safe to use on both chemically and color treated hair. Even bleach and tone platinum blondes have great results from this treatment, and actually experience a LOT less breakage over time because of the added strength the Keratin Complex adds to the hair.

    What else do you need to know of this phenomenal product of the hair gods?

    • Even healthy hair is strengthened and made more resilient due to the treatment.
    • Saves you girl-prep time since your blow dry time is cut by 40-60%
    • Adds unbelievable shine and silkiness to the hair, even when you just let it air dry.
    • Bye bye to breakage! As a result of less time under driers and flatirons, breakage due to heat processing is pretty much wiped out!
    • Farewell frizzies! You can even go out in the humidity and frizz will virtually be non-existent.

    The Keratin Complex original treatment lasts you up to 4 months! Keratin Express Blowout is a great, lower cost option, for shorter term 4-6 week results. Upcoming wedding? Got a hot date? Express is the most cost effective introduction to the Coppola smoothing treatments, to see if it’s something you sort of like, or can’t live without. Most clients end up LOVING the results and opt for the longer lasting treatment, but it’s nice that Pinup gives you some options, if you’re non-committal, like some of us. ;)

    So, consider Coppola Keratin Smoothing Treatment as your next secret weapon in the silky, sexy, hair war. Drab, lifeless hair is defeated if you do!

    Featured photo from here, labeled for reuse.


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    So you keep noticing Hollywood glam queens like Katy Perry, Scarlett Johansson, Georgia May Jagger, and Taylor Swift with their show stopping, high volume, classic Hollywood icon do’s?  If you want to achieve that ultra-glam look for yourself, remember, these new Hollywood glam queens are only re-inventing the classic glam styles inspired by the originals such as Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, Jane Wyman, Dorothy Hart from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.

    So what exactly qualifies as a “Pinup Do”?  Think flapper-inspired, vibrant tints and dramatic curls for an authentic pinup hairstyle. A Veronica Lake inspired mane with pin curl bangs. High-rise up dos with headbands, big volume retro bee hives, glossy side swept manes. Pinups do’s look neat and sleek with fly aways controlled. You will see retro finger waves, and a feathered head piece to set it off. Voluminous up-dos with sequined, silver or gold splashes of hair accessories and side swept retro waves set off with glam clips.

    These looks actually are a trick to do on your own and take some effort to achieve that effortless glam look. The main ingredient that pinup styles have in common is V for volume!  This means just the right use of mousse, hair spray, and a girl’s best friend…bobby pins!  Your glam team at Pinup Salon knows just how to accomplish that luscious hair look even if your hair is fine.

    An easy way to get started is with a Rosie the Riveter pinup bandana look. This has a front wave bump or pin curls in your bangs to create volume in front with it all held in place with a bandana or scarf.

    A popular retro look from the 40’s features victory rolls in a beautiful up do.

    Pin curls can create an instant special vintage style. It takes your stylist working your hair in many small sections and controlling where those curls are destined to be! Pin curls have lots of variation and options for both long and short hair.  Rita Hayworth exemplifies the look.

    One of the most dramatic Pinup styles is the perfect style to slim your face and give you instant height.  Very few actresses can rival Audrey Hepburn’s most elegant beehive made famous in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

    Blake Lively was stunning with her rendition of Hollywood glam and just may be inducted into the Hollywood “Hall of Glam” with this one.

    Regardless of which Pinup style you choose, know that your style mavens at Pinup know just how to achieve that endless, classic look that is sure to turn heads.


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    So, you have just walked out of Pinup with a daring new style and you sprung for the best of the best and have achieved that to-die-for-color.  You think you now get to sit back and look ravishing for the next 6 weeks until you need a root touch up?  Think again, babe!

    Your job has just begun.  You have 6 weeks of homework to keep your color fresh and your tresses healthy.  Here is your list to help in your hair color protectant studies:

    • Before you leave the salon, ask for a deep conditioning treatment to reduce some of the damage from processing your color.  Your hair will thank you for it!
    • We know the beautiful weather is upon us but beware that the sun can not only dry out your hair, but fade that color that you paid so dearly for.  If you have to be in the sun, wear a hat as well as a use a UV spray to protect your color.
    • Turn down the heat!  Hot water in the shower every day can really take its toll on not only the condition of your hair, but it will fade out the color more quickly. Try rinsing in as cool of water as you possibly can.  You will feel so refreshed each time!
    • Get dirty!  Or at least let your hair get a little greasy…over cleansing with shampoos and conditioners fades out your color fast. Washing daily strips your hair of your natural oils, which leads to over-conditioning, which makes you feel like your hair is dirty so you are tempted to wash it again…and on and on goes the merry-go-round.
    • If you feel an Exxon Valdez oil slick coming on, try some dry shampoo to help you make it one more day and let those natural oils do their job.
    • Use a thermal protectant when styling your hair.  Not only does this protect your hair follicle from the heat, but your color will maintain better as well.
    • Turn off the water! 80 percent of color fade is caused by water alone, not hair products. Coloring your hair makes it more porous, so while in the shower, colored hair absorbs and releases water easily, taking some of your fab new color with it. Don’t send your color down the drain and minimize unnecessary water as much as is possible.
    • Consider a short term color glaze. Once you know the color that is right for you, you can then go with the more permanent color and save your hair unnecessary processing 2-3 times to get to the color you want.
    • Talk to your stylist at Pinup for a recommendation for color-protecting shampoo to keep your color protected longer in between appointments.

    Before you head in for that touch up, make sure you arrive with your hair as healthy as possible.  Deep condition your hair at least 2-3 days before your appointment.  Wait a couple of days and allow the natural oils in your scalp to rise up and help protect your scalp from the color processing chemicals. This will also help your hair color to set better.

    Practice these good study habits and your hair will be ready for that next exam…and come out with flying colors!

    Featured photo from DeviantArt.com, labeled for reuse.


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    Break out of your boring winter rut this spring and summer with some fresh, new highlights to add spring to your step and hotness to your look. There is plenty of information online about adding highlights yourself, along with the sad, scary-looking heads of hair walking around out there who have “attempted this at home”! Word to the wise, don’t attempt highlighting your own hair. Not even WE do that ourselves, and we’re professionals!

    Your personal stylist at Pinup not only knows you and your hair’s specific nuances and needs, but she is expertly trained in the appropriate products to use or avoid your highlights coming out too dark, too brassy or too flat.

    Choosing the right tone of highlights and lowlights for your skin tone is no small trick, and hitting the mark the first time can save you hundreds of dollars avoiding color corrections when it’s done wrong at home, or by a less experienced stylist.

    Your Pinup pros have some nifty tricks up their sleeves for extending your color to benefit your budget as well as the health of your hair. After all, part of looking stunning is not just the amazing color, but lovely, healthy hair underneath it all.

    Adjusting your highlights to the season also keeps them natural and lasting longer. Keep highlights lighter in the summer and deeper, more golden in the winter months. You can lengthen the time in between salon visits by starting only a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color and fade into an even lighter blonde toward the tips of your mane.

    Ask your colorista about the use of products such as a toning gloss to seal in the color and make it last longer. It is important to use shampoo and conditioning products at home that are formulated to preserve your color longer and prevent it from going dull in between visits.

    For vivid looks, brunettes can go for golden blonde and honey blonde highlights. You blondies out there can add light brown lowlights for a dramatic effect. Really take a trip over the rainbow with vibrant hues like fiery red, pink, purple, orange and blue! See our post here for more on that! However…careful not to over-highlight since not only is it damaging, but it leaves your hair too monochrome and flat looking.

    Another trick to keeping highlighted hair healthy is treating yourself to a deep conditioning treatment at the salon at the time of your color.

    We will make sure your highlights accent your skin and eye color as well as your base color; not over-powering it and adding dimension with varying shades and size. An effective technique is to frame your face with the lighter tones and keep the darker tones at the roots. This creates a natural, sun-kissed effect…and may just result in some real lip canoodling!

    Regardless if you go subtle, skin-kissed highlights or dramatic dimension creation effects, or somewhere in between, you can trust your gals at Pinup to take you into the summer months with your hair looking it’s finest.


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    Today we are going to highlight (pun completely intended) for you the currently trending hair coloring technique called Balayage. Many hot celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Mila Kunis, Jessica Biel, and Drew Barrymore are seen out and about with this great look that creates the impression of natural sun-kissed highlights.

    Balayage means “to sweep” in French and was originally developed in Paris in the ‘70s known as “Balayage a Coton” due to the strips of cotton used to separate the colored hair apart from the untouched strands.  It was considered a very innovative technique when at that time the industry standard for highlighting was using a frosting cap. (Nooooo, not the cap again!). However, the 80’s saw foiling as the new highlighting practice, so Balayage didn’t really take off until the 90’s in the U.S. when made popular by early trend setting celebrities.

    Many salons today offer Balayage, but be forewarned, your colorist must be well trained and really understand the movement and texture to your hair so as to make strategic placement to attain natural looking results. And we all know your gals at Pinup with their magic color wands are just the well trained professionals that you are looking for.

    The Balayage process is when color is hand swept onto the hair using a paddle or brush. The sweeping motion applies the lightener going from thinner sections at the root to thicker sections as your colorist proceeds towards the ends. This technique results in a unique look and can be either very subtle or very dramatic and anything in between. Your colorist has more freedom to place the color as she pleases, rather than the standard, more precise results from using foils.

    Because the color is more easily and precisely applied, this makes the grow out process more blended and natural than with foiling or other highlight methods. For the same reason, root touch ups are more effective.

    Balayage is not just for blondes and looks stunning for all hair colors, including dark browns as seen on Jennifer Garner’s recent new look.  It also works wonders on coloring grays due to the ability to apply to select specific gray hairs rather than coloring all hairs as with all over color with one shade.

    Brunettes, redheads, even those with black hair can all take advantage of adding dimension with Balayage hair painting. The results will be subtle, yet can create lovely swirls of deep cinnamon, warm chocolate, or lighter chestnut.

    What type of a client could be a good candidate for Balayage instead of traditional foiling you ask?

    • Ÿ  Some of you have always previously been foiled and have gone too blonde and want easier maintenance.
    • Ÿ  Clients with very short hair who have ended up with stripes of bleached hair and upon seeing this you have a deep sense of horror. Balayage can correct this situation will have the most natural results.
    • Ÿ  Clients who, although are quite angelic, keep ending up with the halo effect at the root line and it is only a couple of weeks since the most recent foiling. At times, it can be difficult to get to the finer hairs at the scalp line with traditional foiling and your color-istas at Pinup work their magic when applying the product to the hairline only.

    There are those of you who have played it safe and have always done all over color and are ready for a change, Balayage is a great option for you to punch the edges of your personal beauty envelope!


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    Recently, one of our awesome clients wrote about her experience getting Keratin Bonded hair extensions with Lindsey. Here’s K.J.’s story…

    I started losing my hair in 2006 after a series of really traumatic events. Actually, it happened within a 5 day time period. On a Tuesday, I had, at least I thought, a full head of very fine, baby thin hair. But I had enough that my stylist nor myself never knew anything different other than I had a lot of it. I was always told that… I had a ton of baby thin, fine hair. That was a Tuesday. Thursday and Friday it did seem odd, it got harder to style and then Saturday morning I had ½ of what I had that previous Tuesday and hairspray, volumizers, etc. wouldn’t hold a curl, shape, or style. The oddest thing though… I never shed any hair. It just stopped growing over a timeframe and I guess I failed to notice. I saw someone that Sunday who fitted me for a wig, which cost me $2500. It was only years later that I found out that that same wig was sold by another “studio” for $650. It really was not a great looking piece and synthetic hair to boot, and so began my descent into somewhat social isolation, desperation and depression. Oh, and hair debt. I need to mention that. I wish I would have known then what I know now…. I never needed that wig. People talked me into it. I think even back in 2006 I had more hair than I do now and people really wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was, what I will call, vulnerable.

    I lived in and out of wigs for about 2½ years and spent thousands of dollars on just about everything to “cure” my thinning hair. Then I met someone who said they would take a chance on putting me in hair extensions. I was in Denver at the time and I will always be grateful to her. I wore hair extensions successfully for almost a year and a half. The extensions added volume, length, fullness, and guess what… my scalp got to breathe again! She said what I needed to hear. “You don’t need to be wearing a wig or hairpiece at all. Let’s work with what you have.”

    My hair grew back in…that was the most amazing part. Wow, I saw the top, sides, back of my scalp all getting so much more dense and full and wow, was I happy. I truly think that even in the fall of 2012 when I had no hair extensions, it was the hair I had back in 2005, pre-stress. Granted, I had aged a good six years. I knew my hormones were out of whack, but I was in a good place, and not just because of my hair. I was just in a good place.

    Unfortunately, I lost the best thing that ever happened to me that fall of 2012. We had been together 13 years and it was the most devastating thing I’d ever had to live through. Naturally, with his passing, so did my hair. It went in a matter of six to eight weeks. I will tell you…. I didn’t care. I didn’t. I saw someone, who again, was very happy to charge me quite a bit for a wig that maybe I needed, maybe I didn’t. I just knew she was someone who didn’t listen or care about what I wanted, needed, etc.

    In August 2013 I guess I decided I needed to start “living” again. What I mean by that is I wanted an opinion about what could I do with my hair. I had several appointments in the Seattle area but I have to say, when I met Lindsey at Pinup Salon we just clicked immediately, and it wasn’t about the fact that she and I have a number of things in common, but it was really that I felt like she wanted to help me and knew she could help me. When I first took off the poor excuse of a hairpiece that I had, she said, “you have a lot of hair”, and she told me what she could do with the keratin bonded hair extensions. I trusted her immediately because she told me where she would place the hair extensions, how we could make my hair thicker, fuller, better, healthier, etc., while blending them to look totally natural with the rest of my own hair.

    The first day I was in extensions in was like such a huge weight lifted off me! I walked out of the salon feeling like maybe my old self. It was such a great feeling. And the extensions added volume, length and wow, a full head of hair! It’s now been eight months and yep, I am in extensions, my hair is growing back in (or I would love to think so, and that is what my dermatologist says) and I love going to see Lindsey and Jen, too. What I like is that within one or two visits, you feel like they have been styling your hair your whole life. Lindsey is amazing with extensions. Amazing is an understatement. I have a full head of hair and yes I pay for it. It is so worth it though. It has changed my life dramatically.  I also just want to say that the best thing about this salon is that if you want 15-75 minutes of private time with your stylist, they accommodate that. It is scary to take off a hairpiece, show a thinning hair spot, etc. I truly feel blessed that I can call Lindsey and Jen my friends and that they will take care of me and all of my hair issues. They fit me in all the time when I have a hair crisis, but I thankfully don’t have them often anymore. They just take such good care of you. I think the one thing I really want to express is that you should exhaust all options, trust your instincts, and never accept what someone tells you is going to be the end all be all for your hair. It’s important to get multiple opinions and take it for me, you can trust Lindsey to be honest about what can and can’t be done for you. She won’t pressure you, but she will support you looking and feeling 1000% better about your hair.

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