Our Team

Jen – The Ring Leader

Jen has always loved classic, sexy and classy pinup ladies, and the 1940’s is by far her favorite era for style, grace and beauty. She loves revitalizing classic styling from this timeless era, hence her landing on Pinup Salon as her business name!

Jen likes to say that, “My time behind the chair is when I’m the LEAST at work!” Being the owner/operator of the business side of Pinup Salon, you can imagine that she wears multiple hats and has lots to do besides actually working with clients and their hair. “Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart, but really, it’s my time with my clients that keeps me going. I love being part of the lives of people from every walk of life. The diversity of my clientele really feeds my soul. I truly grow from each person I meet, and I hope create a home away from home for my clients, where they feel truly cared for, appreciated and safe. It’s an honor to be in service of people who trust and honor you back,” she says.

She has been doing advanced training since the day she left beauty school, and truthfully, Jen just can’t ever stop learning. “I love seeing other artists’ techniques and putting my own twist on them,” she says. Jen also enjoys finding new and innovative products that she can bring to our clients. Men’s cutting, balayage color and Pravana Vivids color are some of Jen’s favorite services to provide to her clients. Dry haircutting is also one of her favorite techniques, which is why the DevaCurl cutting method really resonates with her. “I was cutting hair dry before receiving that certification, and I love that it’s become more mainstream to respect curly hair in its natural state. As someone with naturally straight hair, I’ve always envied curls and I love being able to help women and men embrace the beauty of their texture, rather than fight it,” Jen says.

When her kids are older and she has more time, Jen would love to become a licensed barber so that she can offer her clients straight-edge shaves. It goes hand in hand with her love of the 1940’s, classic styling, and beauty care. “I wish more barbers offered hot shaves. It’s a lost art. I also believe that advanced training is a part of my career that I’ll never stop being enthusiastic about. No matter how expert I feel at my work, there is always a new creative technique that can bring my clients a fun new look, or an innovation in products that can transform someone’s options with his/her hair, so we all have to keep up!” she says.

Jen’s two kiddos are her heart and soul. “My son Emmett is the last humanitarian. He loves EVERYONE, and routinely hugs strangers. I wish the whole world could have that kind of love for others. My daughter is a spitfire, just like her mama. From birth, she’s been determined as hell to get what she wants out of life, so I’ve got my hands full, but I love it!” she says. Aside from spending time with her family, Jen is “a feisty poker player, fierce feminist and lifelong fighter for equal rights”. Since about age four, she has been riding motorcycles and really LOVES to travel, anywhere and everywhere. Not surprisingly, as the busy business owner that she is, Jen is a self-proclaimed workaholic with a thirst for entrepreneurship. “If anyone has a cure for that, let me know. I could stand to slow down!”

Shayla – Always Learning. Always Teaching.

From applying press-on nails using chewing gum for glue, to a predictive comment by her first beautician that he could see in her eyes that she would be a hairdresser, Shayla has pretty much been destined for this career! As she grew up, the more time she’d spend in front of the mirror, trying all kinds of styles. She never played with Barbies, but she would play with their hair, and once she ran out of Barbies, she moved on to doing all of the neighborhood kids’ hair and eventually did her high school friends’ hair for homecoming and prom.

Two of Shayla’s aunts were well-known beauticians in Seattle, and Shayla is working her way to that credibility. She’s been a stylist officially now since September 2013, when she finally left the corporate world and enrolled at Seattle Vocational Institute. That’s where she met Jennifer, who was one of her instructors. One day toward the end of Shayla’s third-quarter, Jennifer called Shayla into her office, and to Shayla’s surprise, offered her a job at Pinup Salon. She jumped at the opportunity and started an internship in her last months of training and then was hired full-time immediately out of school.

Shayla loves working at Pinup Salon, and feels that it’s a welcoming, intimate place where her clients can come and relax, then leave feeling beautiful and a little more informed about their hair. It’s a place where she feels she can actually treat her clients like they are people and reassure them all the time that this appointment time is truly devoted to them. From the down-to-earth, real-life stories and situations they share during the appointment, Shayla feels like she and her clients get to lift each other up and enjoy an awesome sister/family type of bond.

In addition to her special skills with Deva Curl and Pravana Color, Shayla is certified with Pravana Vivids, Keratin Complex, Hotheads Extensions, and Unite Academy. Texture is another area of special expertise for her, whether it’s working with curls, cut, or chemical. She loves helping people whether they love their curls or want to get rid of them, and has a blast with total transformations such as going from black to white, long to short, and yes, if you can’t grow it, Shayla can sew it! Hair extensions are one of her favorite services that she can customize to the client’s needs, whether they be for an event, for fun, or to tackle alopecia or thinning hair! In the future, she would love to start teaching aspiring beauticians, giving back to the industry and budding stylists.

When she’s not working at Pinup Salon, you can probably find Shayla singing or hanging out with her son. She loves to travel and to hear other people’s stories. Karaoke is her go to outlet for fun and stress release. Dancing, and music in general also feed her soul.

Lindsey – Extensions and Blonde Specialist


Lindsey started doing hair in 2005 at a chic salon on Capitol Hill. She worked there for four years, and took many classes in advanced color (blondes specifically) and advanced cutting. Meanwhile, she became certified in Keratin bonded extensions and did an apprenticeship with Master Extension Artist, Melissa Reetz. Eventually, she left her post at the salon on Capitol Hill to go to a salon on Mercer Island with Melissa, where she worked for two-and-a-half years. Lindsey finally joined the team at Pinup Salon in the summer of 2011, and we’ve been happy to have her ever since!

Ever since she was small, Lindsey loved playing with hair, cutting her dolls’ and even her own hair, and styling for anyone else who would let her! Going to get her hair done with her mom at a high-end salon in Downtown Seattle was the highlight of her month. She was destined to be a hairdresser.

She and Jen became friends many years ago when they were both attending beauty school, and they stayed in contact. When Jen was expanding the West Seattle Salon and Lindsey was moving to West Seattle, the timing could not have been better! Lindsey wanted a change, and hoped to move to a smaller salon where she could have a small, intimate and private space to do extensions, color, and cuts. Working with friends has been a plus.

Lindsey loves working at Pinup because we have so much fun with our clients and each other. Every day is something new!

She has been a certified extension specialist in Great Lengths hair extensions and Hair Dreams hair extensions for about 10 years. Since she’s a blonde and understands the blonde language that only blondes get, Lindsey has a special expertise in this area. She has also mastered cutting fine, thin hair, and short women’s cuts. Lindsey has been certified in many advanced color training classes and cutting classes throughout the 10-plus years of her career. To keep up with all the new trends in color and cutting techniques, Lindsey is always doing advanced training classes.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband, playing with her son, and going to Seahawks and Sounders games. Her other hobbies include rodeos, paddle boarding and BBQs with friends and family in the summers. Lindsey’s perfect night is dinner at great new restaurant with a good cocktail and awesome company. She is an avid animal lover and has two rescue dogs and a rescue cat — one day, she’d love to also have a pigmy goat!

Kali – Barbering Mistress

Kali is so excited to be part of the Pinup crew. Having spent the bulk of her career thus far, at the classic Barbershop chain, Rudy’s, she’s excited to bring her cutting skills into Pinup, being the first of our crew to offer straight edge shaves. Besides a love for men’s grooming and androgynous, edgy haircuts, she also enjoys creative rainbow colors and customized balayage. Her passion for this industry is apparent in her engagement with clients. She has a genuine love of serving others and connecting with clients where they are.

Ronda – Lover of Curls and Muscle Cars

Ronda has been cutting, coloring and styling hair for over 20 years. She’s seen and done it all! With a passion for curls, she’s slaying at cuts and color methods that highlight a client’s texture. She also specializes in body waves, perms, and smoothing treatments, being certified in Keratin Complex, O-Way Organic perms and Pravana Texture Control. She has a wicked sense of humor, and literally gets along with everyone. We love her infectious laugh, and if you ever hit up a local car show, you’ll probably find her there with her 4-wheeled baby.