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    Today we’re talking about one of our favorite product combos, Unite’s Creamy Paste and Blow&Set lotion. Here is a little about each product.


    Blow & Set Lotion:
    The Blow&Set lotion is a lightweight sculpting lotion that is great for all hair types and will add weightless moisture, shine, and volume to the hair.  Run about a quarter sized amount (double that if you have longer/thicker hair) through your hair from scalp to ends while the hair is lightly damp, then dry and style as desired. We love this product for a shiny, smooth blowout, because it helps add just enough volume and movement to the hair, and works great when using a round brush in the hair to help maintain the style throughout the day. It also creates a great foundation if you’re planning to set thermal curls that you want to last all night.

    Creamy Paste:
    Creamy paste is a light hold pomade that provides a smooth, matte finish. It will thicken the hair, and add separation and definition to the hair. Use creamy paste on the hair while it’s damp, take a dime to quarter size amount (depending on hair length and thickness) and emulsify the product in your hands. Then apply to the ends of the hair using light strokes until it is evenly distributed throughout the hair. Once the hair is dried and styled as desired, you’ll notice the ends are thicker, with more separation and definition. We love this product for short bobs that have more texture, or anyone who wants a more defined and piecy look to the hair.
    Both these products work great on their own, but when you cocktail them together, you get all the tools to have an amazing style! When using the two together, first take the Creamy Paste and emulsify it through your hands, then adding the Blow&Set lotion and mixing it all together. Run the cocktail through your damp hair. With this combination you’ll get moisture, volume, shine, texture, and definition to your style, while still leaving the hair feeling weightless and product free! Our favorite way to use this combo is with a round brush on the hair to get volume and large curls/body waves in the hair (see our previous blog about blowouts!). The Blow&Set will give the hair the shine and volume I want, and the Creamy Paste will give the curled ends definition once the hair is all styled, not to mention enough of a light hold to maintain the style!
    Next time you’re in, ask your stylist to demonstrate this cocktail  for you to see how you like it!
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