hair care

Why Fight It? Let us help you!

Did you know one of the benefits of visiting Pinup Salon is FREE styling lessons? With each service, we want you to be able to effectively re-create the look that you left us with. In order to help you do that, we can give you a step-by-step instruction, as we are completing your style in the salon. We will demonstrate the proper use of products, tool placement, and use of...

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Beach Hair and Summer Repair

The summer is in full force, and soon your hair will start screaming for help.  You’ve been lying out in the Seattle sun (Yes, it does exist!), swimming in chlorine or salt water, and all that time, probably having so much fun that you've neglected your regular hair care routine. By now, your sun-exposed, moisture-thirsty locks are looking for some repair. It’s ok, don’t panic…we’re here to help! Pinup Salon is a...

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