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Dry Shampoo To The Rescue!

You've probably at some point, or frequently, explained to your stylist that your hair gets greasy quickly, and maybe they've told you to try a dry shampoo, but you still haven't. Our question is, why not?! Dry shampoo is probably one of the best products to keep on hand for at home and travel. The number one use for dry shampoo is to spray it at the root of your hair when it's feeling oily or...

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Like Magic Fairy Dust For Your Hair!

It is December, and the smells of cinnamon, pine and baked goods won't be the only things up in the air – so will your hair. In the season where more evenings will be spent at gatherings than anything else, it is important to be up-do ready. That is where this lovely little product comes in handy; Schwarzkopf's Dust It will always make your hair prime for gravity defying styles. Dust It is a lightweight, mattifying...

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Dry Shampoo Saves the Day

It’s almost time for summer!  Soon enough you’ll be running around town having fun in the sun.  Time will be spent going from the beach, to a barbeque, and maybe out for some evening cocktails. You’ll repeat that routine as much as the sun allows. So, what if you had more time to relax and hang out? What if you didn’t have to spend all that time trying to shampoo...

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