Five Red Hair Shades We’re Feeling Fiery About

You might not be blessed with naturally red hair, but why not pop into the salon and try on the bold, head-turning color? From warm strawberry blonde to shocking neon orange, here are the red shades we’re feeling fiery about in 2020. Natural Ginger https://www.instagram.com/p/B9AIZEPH_FX/ This perfect, natural-looking shade will make people wonder if you weren’t really born with it. Opt for a brow tint to match and go full Lucille Ball — no one will be able...

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Five Retro Characters with Covetable Coiffures

Image via Flickr Natural & Curly: Esther Hoffman, “A Star Is Born” Barbra Streisand plays Esther Hoffman in the 1976 version of “A Star Is Born.” Her hair mimics her attitude — fierce and free but also soft and romantic. Babs is every curly-haired girl’s inspiration, and with the right products, you too can channel her high-spirited and fiery persona. The DevaCurl-certified stylists here at Pinup Salon are prepared to take care of the curliest of locks,...

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Dr. Emma Beckett with colored hair extensions

Shaping Your Identity Through Your Hair

Hair and Identity We often think of the clothing that we wear as a symbol of our personality, but our hair is just as powerful of a mechanism. Throughout history, women have manipulated their hair to showcase their femininity, identity, liberation, and more. Even today, we tend to associate a “bad hair day” with a day where nothing goes right, simply because how our hair looks and how we feel about ourselves are so closely linked. That’s...

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Seattle Mom Prom May 18th – Don’t Miss Out!

We wanted to take a chance to let our blog readers in on an event that’s near and dear to our hearts, The Seattle Mom Prom!

What is the Mom Prom? It’s an all ladies 21 and over event that is put on every year not only as an excuse to party-down, but also to raise money for postpartum support!
The event also helps to showcase local businesses that donate their services in the silent auctions, and to also just celebrate mom’s and ladies in general!
You don’t have to be a mom to come to the prom, but it is ladies-only. Need a fun night out that isn’t the usual bar scene? Check out the mom prom! Tickets are $25-$35 in advance or $40 at the door and your ticket includes the following:

Hair Myths Demystified

April Fool’s Day has long since passed, but we thought of this blog around the idea of dispelling any foolish rumors and myths about hair. Here are the top hair myths that we’ve been debunking most recently in the salon.

Myth #1: Cutting your hair more frequently will help it grow faster. Grow faster? Not the case, after all your hair grows out of your head so why would trimming the ends make it grow faster? It’s a bit of an optical illusion! When your hair goes too long without a trim, the ends become more wispy, thin, and spit. When this happens, and if you have extra long hair for example, you ends could be right above your elbow, but they are so thin compared to the rest of your hair that the weight line looks like it’s ending about an inch or two higher. When you get a trim it evens out all those wispy ends and creates a stronger line at the end of your hair, which can actually make it look longer in some cases! We recommend a trim every 4-6 weeks if you want to maintain your current style and length, or every 8-12 if you’re growing it out.

Myth: Skipping Haircuts Will Help Your Hair Grow Faster

A lot of you have probably at one point or another gotten adventurous and cropped your hair on the shorter side, only to spend years growing it back out. So how did your hair fare during that long grow out period? Was it  in fabulous condition, or feeling wispy and tangled? If it was the latter, then it probably was in part to you neglecting your regular haircuts while growing it out. You're probably thinking that cutting...

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Dry Shampoo To The Rescue!

You've probably at some point, or frequently, explained to your stylist that your hair gets greasy quickly, and maybe they've told you to try a dry shampoo, but you still haven't. Our question is, why not?! Dry shampoo is probably one of the best products to keep on hand for at home and travel. The number one use for dry shampoo is to spray it at the root of your hair when it's feeling oily or...

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Meet Jane, Again, Or For The First Time.

Q: Where were you born and raised? A: I was born and raised here in Seattle. Q: What made you want to do hair? A: My back round in theater made me want to do hair and makeup. I was so amazed by how everything came together with those finishing touches. Wig making blew me away, though I like working with people much more. They're much better conversationalists. Q: Where did you train at? A: Seattle Vocational Institute, where Jen was...

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Pravana Perfection Smoothout – The Frizz Solution

Being a hairstylist opens a lot of doors that would normally be locked to most, but battling frizz is a door I've never been able to keep unlocked for long. When I say long, what I mean is until the moment my hair gets wet, whether it be from showering or from the daily drizzle we know here in Seattle as rain! You can imagine my ongoing frustration, especially if you dislike your frizz as...

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Mollies Wants You To Try Her Styling Tricks At Home!

Do you have long hair and some serious hair envy of celebrities with their long cascading curls? Well you can look that fabulous day-to-day as well! Here are the essential tools you will need: * Round Brush. The size of the round brush will differ with your preference. If you have hair shoulder length or longer and want large soft curls I suggest getting a brush about 1 ½ inches in diameter. The bigger the brush...

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