Myth: Skipping Haircuts Will Help Your Hair Grow Faster

Myth: Skipping Haircuts Will Help Your Hair Grow Faster

A lot of you have probably at one point or another gotten adventurous and cropped your hair on the shorter side, only to spend years growing it back out. So how did your hair fare during that long grow out period? Was it  in fabulous condition, or feeling wispy and tangled? If it was the latter, then it probably was in part to you neglecting your regular haircuts while growing it out. You’re probably thinking that cutting your hair during a grow out stage is counterproductive, but that, my dear, is a myth!

As your hair grows out for longer periods of time in-between haircuts, the ends of your hair, which are the oldest, most exposed to the elements, and have the most surface area subject to weathering from sun, air pollution, heat styling, daily brushing, and all other acts that eventually lead to split ends. Despite products which claim to “mend” split ends, there is no cure for split ends! Once the hair has split, it will continue to split further up the hair, causing more breakage, higher up your hair shaft, thus hurting your hair’s healthy growth. The only way to truly stop split ends is to cut above the split.

Along with split ends, just allowing your hair to grow without getting it cut more than once a year can result in your ends looking thin and wispy. This is in part due to split ends and poor health of the hair, but also the fact that every hair on your head is growing at a different rate, or in a different stage of growth at any given time. Just think about how many hairs you shed per day! Cutting your hair regularly will even everything out, making your hair look fuller, and giving the illusion that your hair is longer because it looks fuller and healthier rather than scraggly and shaggy looking!

The average person will grow ½” of hair a month. If you come in for a maintenance trim of about ¼” inch every 6-10 weeks, you are still allowing your hair to grow out, but keeping the split ends at bay, not to mention, keeping your hair stylish, not shapeless. Now, we did say you can’t repair split ends, but you CAN use products to help prevent them. Our favorite is LOMA’s Pearatin Repairative Serum. It works as a heat protector and a UV shield, so if you apply to your hair before you blow dry, flat iron or curl, or even if you’re just letting your hair air dry, it’s going to provide a great barrier between your healthy hair and all the elements mentioned earlier. It is lightweight enough for any hair type, and leaves the hair shiny too!

Using the combination of good products and maintaining regular haircut appointments insures that your hair will be full and healthy when you finally reach your length goal! You and your stylist know your hair best, so if you’re trying to grow out your hair, speak to your stylist and we can get you on a proper maintenance schedule to ease the pain of hair growth. Remember, it’s the hair we leave on your head, not what we take off, that counts!