What Our Favorite Brushes Can Do for Your Hair

What Our Favorite Brushes Can Do for Your Hair

Are you using your hair brush to the best of its ability? Learn about our favorite brushes and what they can do for your style, whether that means creating enviable bouncy curls or taming those flyaways.

Round Brush

Round brushes help tame frizzy hair and can add body and waves when paired with heat from your blow-dryer. If you’re using your round brush to achieve curls, remember that the bigger the barrel, the bigger the curl. While blow-drying, start with the round brush at the base of your roots and roll down, adjusting the brush to different angles as you go along for bouncier locks.

Classic Detangler

The classic detangler is usually a palm-held plastic comb with close-together bristles. These detangling brushes get through knots easily, and are great for styling wet or dry hair. The gentle bristles prevent harsh hair-pulling and release tangles easily, while also being compact enough to take up zero space in your carry-on.

Thermal Ceramic Brush / All in One

All-in-one heated brushes are a miracle-working styling tool. These brushes can give you a quick, professional-grade blowout without having to use multiple products, combs, brushes, and blow-dryers. Don’t sacrifice beautiful hair for a morning shower ever again!

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Teasing Brush

Teasing brushes usually have tightly packed, staggered boar bristles that allow your hair to achieve the best volume. Using these brushes to gently backcomb and tease your hair and then lightly brushing over the top will leave you with a voluminous style that doesn’t damage your hair.

Wet Brush

Like the classic detangler, the Wet Brush can gently comb through your rat’s nest right out of the shower. The bristles are firm without hurting your head, and are able to navigate through wet tangled hair easily.

Paddle Brush

Paddle brushes have been a long-haired girl’s best friend for ages. The bristles gently massage the scalp and can easily distribute product or your natural oils throughout the hair to avoid a heavy, greasy top. The shape of the paddle brush makes it an excellent tool for smoothing and straightening unruly hair, and the padded cushion bends with the natural curve of your head for comfort.

Edge Brush/Comb

These edge combs have fine teeth on one end and boar bristles on the other, so you can tame those baby hairs and set your edges with one tool.

Vented Brush

Vented hair brushes are a lifesaver on those mornings when you’re running late and don’t have time for a full dry out of the shower. The vent allows air to blow through the brush evenly, and quickens the pace of getting a fully dry head of hair while reducing heat damage.

Rat Tail / Teasing Comb

These combs are great for smoothing and placing the finishing touches on your hairstyle, as well as backcombing for extra volume. The skinny ends are also amazing for sectioning hair, giving yourself a zigzag part, or creating awesome braids. 

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