Six Hair Care Myths You Should Forget About

Six Hair Care Myths You Should Forget About

Is your New Year’s resolution to start taking better care of your hair? If so, maybe it’s time to dispel some of these classic beauty myths you grew up on. So put down that hairbrush and pick up that conditioner, because we’re here to debunk these six classic hair care myths in 2020.

Frequent Trims Accelerate Hair Growth

Not true. Going in for frequent trims will definitely help eliminate split ends and prevent breaks, but since growth occurs at the root, trims will not encourage hair growth. Your hair might appear healthier and fuller, but time is the No. 1 ingredient in achieving longer locks.

Stress Causes Grays

This one’s also a myth. As you age, your body naturally produces less melanin, which is responsible for hair color. This means that new hair grows in gray, which has nothing to do with your stress levels. 

In fact, many people are embracing their natural grays and feeling less stressed about their hair while looking amazing! Check out the hashtag #silversisters on Instagram for more gray hair inspiration.

Skip the Conditioner to Avoid Greasy Hair

Hair becomes lifeless and greasy when your body’s scalp tissues create a natural buildup of sebum. Although using too much conditioner may give off the appearance of flat, oily hair, conditioner is essential for your hair’s proper hydration and nourishment and shouldn’t be skipped. 

If you have longer hair that tends to get weighed down, avoid putting conditioner on the scalp and only use it on the bottom two inches. Make sure you find a conditioner that works for your individual needs, whether that be revitalizing chemically damaged hair or embracing your natural curls.

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Spend a Lot of Time Brushing Your Hair for Perfect, Silky Locks

As “Disney Princess” as this idea seems, it’s untrue. Overbrushing could cause damage and breakage to your hair. You should only brush to detangle and style, and only use a proper brush for your hair type.

Color Causes Significant Damage to Your Hair

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This one is also false. Color, when applied correctly, does very minimal damage to your hair, while bleach can significantly damage your hair by stripping it and drying it out. 

If your hair color has a very low volume of developer, it will do minimal damage, and if it has no developer, then that’s even better — no damage. For example, if you have light hair and apply a darker color to it, you probably don’t have to worry about your hair’s health taking a hit. If you have dark hair and need to lighten it beforehand, you may need to be more cautious.

You Can Go From Dark to Light in One Session

Not true. Depending on how dark your hair is and how much color is already on it, it will take varying lengths of time and multiple appointments to lift that color and lighten it enough to be a blank canvas for the color of your choice — especially blondes and “fun” colors. Be patient!

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