How to Bounce Back From Damaged Hair

How to Bounce Back From Damaged Hair

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered how in the world you can bounce back from all the damage that hot tools, bleaches, dyes, bad haircuts, and weather have done to your locks? Damaged hair feels terrible, but it doesn’t have to be your fate. Here are four ways to bring your gorgeous tresses back from the dead.

Deep Condition

Bring some shine and bounce back to your hair by using deep conditioners, hair masks, and oils that aim to replace moisture for dull, damaged, and dry locks.

Wear Loose Ponytails

We all know that sleek, high ponytails à la Ariana look great, but we don’t all have a team of expert stylists to keep our hair from breaking and pulling at our scalp. Try wearing more loose ponytails and low braids for an equally sophisticated and less damaging hairstyle.

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Lose the Heat

Although the styles we can achieve through the use of tools such as curling wands, blow-dryers, and straightening irons are tempting, we really should try to reduce the amount of hot tools we use — thereby reducing heat damage.

Trim Dead Ends

Once you see one split end, you won’t be able to stop noticing them. Although the beauty rules vary from source to source, the general rule of thumb is to go in for a trim every one to three months to keep your ends healthy and your look fresh.

Visit a Professional

Going for a new look and embracing your DIY spirit at home is admirable, but if you’re not super confident, setting up an appointment with a professional hair stylist (especially for color) is highly encouraged. 

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