Hair Extensions: Methods and Aftercare for Gorgeous Locks

Hair Extensions: Methods and Aftercare for Gorgeous Locks

Feeling like your hair could use a little extra oomph? Have you ever considered extensions? With so many types of hair extensions that promise to add length and body to your hair, we want to make sure you have the information you need to take the plunge and get the mermaid hair of your dreams.

Glue-In and Sew-In Hair Extensions

Two types of extensions that Pinup Salon offers are glue-in and sewn-in extensions. Glue-in extensions involve attaching the hairpieces to your hair with glue, and are removed with an oil-based solvent. Sewn-in extensions are also known as weaves, where your hair is braided into flat cornrows reinforced with thread and then hairpieces are sewn in. With both of these methods, the client provides the hair (we strongly recommend 100% human hair) and the extensions can last up to eight weeks if properly maintained.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Our salon also offers tape-in hair extensions by the brands Hotheads and Great Lengths. For tape-in extensions, we provide the 100% natural human hair. We add sticky double-sided panels to your natural hair, and then add the hairpieces to either side of those panels. This method isn’t as hard on your natural hair as glue-in or sewn-in extensions, and the bonded pieces lie completely flat on your head for a more natural look. Tape-in extensions usually last eight to ten weeks.

Keratin-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pinup Salon’s most popular method of hair extensions is keratin bonded extensions by Hair Dreams and Great Lengths. This process bonds the extensions strand by strand to your natural hair by warming the connection tip and closing it around the roots of your natural hair using all-natural keratin bonds, which are the proteins our natural hair is made of. Keratin bonded extensions last the longest and are the healthiest, most natural-looking option. After approximately eight weeks, you’ll want to come in for maintenance, where your stylist will replace some old extensions with fresh ones.

Hair Extension Aftercare

To properly take care of your extensions, make sure you aren’t super rough with your hair styling. No incredibly tight high ponytails to avoid pulling at the undersides of your extensions, and avoid excess oil at the roots of your hair to decrease chances of connections slipping (especially with the tape-in method). Make a habit of sleeping with your hair in a low ponytail or braids for the least amount of breakage and stress on your extensions. Other than that, style and treat your hair as if it were your very own — after all, it is! Human hair extensions can last for quite a while, which means the better you take care of them now, the more you’re able to reuse them in the future.

We’d love to help you achieve your ideal head of long, luscious hair. Drop by our salon for a consultation and let our expert stylists help you decide which method of extensions are right for you!