Get the Long, Full, Luxurious Hair You’ve Always Wanted!

Get the Long, Full, Luxurious Hair You’ve Always Wanted!

Pinup Salon is thrilled to have added keratin bonded hair extensions to our already robust menu of services. We are even more thrilled to have on our team the talented and experienced Lindsey Brown, who is a certified specialist for both Hair Dreams and Great Lengths brand extensions, the highest quality hair available  on the market today. Come see Lindsey for a free consultation to discuss how she can help you get the hair you’ve always wanted!

Hair extensions are a great way to change your style, increase volume, and lengthen your look. We specialize in 100% natural human hair extensions by Great Lengths and Hair Dreams, both offering hair that is virtually indistinguishable from your natural hair. In only a few hours, we can make your hair’s length, volume and almost any desired hair style possible. During your consultation we will find an exact match to your natural hair, or if you always wanted that perfect blonde, or rockin’ red, we can also provide precise color matching to our color line so that you can know that your hair will look flawless from roots to ends. Extensions can also be a great way to add some natural looking highlights to your hair, without the fear of chemical damage. Men and women who have ultra fine or even thinning hair will also find our bonding method to be the most invisible option for filling in any frustratingly flat or thinning areas.

How Do Our Hair Extensions Work?

Your selected and perfectly color matched hair extensions are delivered to us in very fine strands. These strands
have a connection tip, also called a “bond”, at the top. This keratin bond gently connects the extension strands to your own hair close to the root. The bonds are warmed up and thus softened, at which point they are closed around your own and the new hair.
This process is repeated strand by strand, until the hairstyle of your dreams is perfect.

Will Extensions Damage My Hair?

Our extensions by Great Lengths and Hair Dreams use an all natural keratin bond, which is the same protein that our hair is made of. We do not utilize waxes or glues, which can damage and break off the natural hair to which you have bonded your extensions. Using the keratin bonding method, your extensions will last longer and the bond won’t damage your hair in any way, presuming you have them put in properly and removed properly, but a professional expert. The keratin bonds are also matched to the color of hair you’ve selected, so you will have the most flawless look, and be using the healthiest method of bonding for your hair.

How Much Maintenance Is Required Once I Have My Extensions?

Most clients will find it most economical to schedule maintenance of their extensions about every 7-8 weeks. This way you can keep your hair looking consistently flawless, while not having your entire head of extensions taken out and replaced all at one time. Your stylist will go through each individual bonded extension to see which ones are in need of replacement, and will gently, without damaging your hair, remove the old extension and replace it with a fresh one. They will do this row by row until all extensions have been examined and replaced as needed. Typically about 25% of the extensions will be rotated out during each maintenance appointment, so roughly after about 6-8 months you’ll have received all new extensions throughout your entire head.

Ok, So How Much?

Because our extensions are the highest quality hair available on the market, the cost of the hair itself ranges from $50-110 per bundle and most clients will require 1-3, sometimes up to 4 bundles of hair, depending upon their own hair’s density, as well as their personal goals for how much fullness and length they wish to add. We do not markup the cost of the hair, so what we pay is what you get charged. 

For our time putting the extensions in, instead of charging by the hour like most salons do, we charge a flat rate of $250 per bundle of hair. This way, you can sit back and enjoy your service, rather than watching the clock tick and hearing the cash register ringing in your ear with every minute that passes. When you see us for your free consultation, Lindsey will outline exactly what she recommends for your hair, based on your personal goals (whether it be length, fullness, highlights, etc.), and before even booking your appointment with us, will let you know exactly what your extensions will cost, so that there is no confusion about what you’ll be receiving, and at what rate. We do require a non-refundable deposit for the purchase of your hair, and also have a 48 hour cancellation policy for all extensions appointments, since some appointments a=can take as long as 6-8 hours.

Great! Where Do I Sign Up!?

Lindsey is available for free 30 minute consultations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at our West Seattle location. You need only call us at 206.932.5077 or email to schedule a time to see her. If you’re new to our salon, mention this blog and receive 20% off any cut and color services with Lindsey as well!

Here are just a few great success stories, from the Hair Dreams website.


Inge suffered from serious hair loss. Her biggest dream
was to have full, thick and strong her again. This dream
has come true with the Hairdreams MicroLines System.
No more thin hair, no more visible scalp, no more perms
and time-consuming teasing of the hair. Inge has full,
strong and healthy hair again. She can style her hair as
she likes: straight one day and curly the next…
Quote: “I haven’t been this happy and full of life in a long
time. I feel attractive and much younger!”


Zuzana has very fine hair, and her ends are damaged from
chemical treatments and frequent heat-styling with blow-dryer
and flat iron. Her thin and damaged lengths and ends have been
thickened with with Hairdreams strands. The Hairdreams HighLines
was added on top of her head, giving her luscious volume and gorgeous,
healthy and shiny hair.


Tanja’s shoulder length hair became dazzling extra-long tresses
with Hairdreams 45 cm strands.

Beautiful hair extensions are also possible with shorter lengths;
for example by using 30cm hair, which will reach about 10cm over
the shoulders.