Pravana Perfection Smoothout – The Frizz Solution

Pravana Perfection Smoothout – The Frizz Solution

Being a hairstylist opens a lot of doors that would normally be locked to most, but battling frizz is a door I’ve never been able to keep unlocked for long. When I say long, what I mean is until the moment my hair gets wet, whether it be from showering or from the daily drizzle we know here in Seattle as rain! You can imagine my ongoing frustration, especially if you dislike your frizz as much as I dislike mine.

I have two words for you…Pravana Perfection.

PP, as I lovingly call it, completely gets rid of my frizz and reduces my tight ethnic curls to the beautiful looser curls I’ve always wanted. Now, understand, I have been straightening my hair for as long as I’ve been able to hold a blow dryer, and I still love wearing it straightened sometimes. However, I want the option to wear my natural curl as well, without looking like a total frizz ball, and what PP offers me is the ability to do just that! It won’t leave your hair stick straight or lifeless. It just smooths the surface hairs that can be more unruly and whatever your starting texture is (ultra-curly like me, or slightly wavy), it will reduce slightly to make the hair shinier, more manageable, and faster to dry and style. The other amazing (and maybe my favorite) thing about Pravana Perfection is the fact that there are no harsh chemicals and truly, sincerely (I promise!) NO formaldehyde in the product, nor is any emitted during or after the application process. Instead of breaking your hair down with chemicals, PP uses amino acids to smooth out the “S” pattern in the hair, by slightly stretching the hair’s natural bonds, rather than breaking them entirely (think traditional relaxers and Japanese straighteners). What I love about the treatment is how versatile it is and how many different hair types it’s good for. Over-processed hair suddenly looks shiny and healthy. Curly hair is still curly, but loses its poof factor! Blow drying time is cut in half, and minimal flat ironing is required if you still want totally straight hair. Many of my clients can give up the flat iron all together, and get the sleek look with just a blow dryer and a paddle brush. If your hair is really curly like mine, this treatment will give you the looser waves you’ve always dreamed of.

Now the big question…How much does this miracle treatment cost???
The Perfection service runs $250 which my seem steep, especially in this economy, but the treatment last anywhere from 2-4 months depending on hair growth and home maintenance. If your going to spend your hard earned money on such an amazing treatment…I beg you please spend that little bit of extra money to take care of your hair at home! Pravana makes a uniquely formulated smoothing shampoo and conditioner designed to help prolong the life of your treatment as long as possible, and the shampoo/conditioner combo retails for only $40.

The one common misconception clients have about Perfection is that it straightens the hair. It WILL NOT, I repeat WILL NOT permanently straighten the hair. What it will do is eliminate frizz, make the hair super shiny, cut your styling time in half, and make you happier with your hair than you maybe have been all your life…at least that’s what it did for me!

If you want the key to unlocking the door to health, happy, frizz-free hair, come to Pinup Salon and we’ll make you a copy! 😀