Never learned how to use hairspray? You’re not alone!

Never learned how to use hairspray? You’re not alone!

With prom and wedding season upon us here at Pinup, I wanted to talk a little about our Pravana Super Shape Hairspray!

If you are anything like I used to be, the idea of using hairspray day to day sounds ridiculous. My past experiences with hairspray always ended up in helmet hair, so the idea that you could still have soft flexible styles with the use of hairspray sounded foreign to me!

The keys to success with hairspray are the distance of the spray bottle from your head, the sweeping motion with which you apply, as well as using a quality product (AquaNet will always hold a special place in our hearts, but flexible it is not!). If you want to achieve those sexy, soft, big barrel curls you see on those girls from The Hills, or the Kardashian sisters, but find your hair falling flat shortly after you style it, the trick to holding your style all day could be a light spray before your curl. Before curling, lightly spray each section in a sweeping motion from scalp to ends. Make sure to hold the spray 8-10 inches away from your hair strand, and brush smooth with a soft bristle brush before curling. The spray will be light on the hair, and brushing it smooth before curling will leave your hair soft and flexible, making it seem that there is no hairspray in your hair, but still providing excellent hold. We love the Pravana Super Shape because it holds all day/night long, without getting overly sticky or flaky. If you’re like me and shampoo only every couple days, it’s also great because you can use it on second day hair without feeling like you’re getting too much build up or dryness.

For more edgy styles I also love using a light hairspray to achieve a more textured look. I have a client with a mullet-style haircut and to achieve more definition and movement in it, I will hold the hair up and lightly spray underneath to put more volume in the hair but it will also give the ends a more piecey edgy look to them. Generally I do this right after I finish her blow dry, as a final set to her style.

Overall Pravana Super Shape Hairspray is a fine mist, flexible hairspray that can be layered for a heavier hold. Come in and ask your stylist to demo it for your and see how it can work for your hair!