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Curly Hair Is In! Know How To Care For It

“Curly hair is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle.” That’s the word on the street lately, and we are finding many of our clients in agreement and overjoyed at the recent embracing of their natural wave and curl textures. Over 65% of the population has some form of curl in their hair, so why are so many of us fighting against it? Here are some tips on caring for your curly locks, to keep your hair looking and feeling fantastic year round.

Start with a curly-centric haircut. Did you know that curly hair should be cut differently than straight or wavy hair? There’s an art – and actually a certification – to the technique, and luckily your stylist here at Pinup knows how to do it masterfully! Our staff has a unique passion for curl texture, and we like to respect your hair as much as we respect you!

Always wanted the beachy wave hair? Now you can have it without all the fuss!

Spring is upon us, which is quickly to be followed by summer (at least, we hope)! We all love having that fresh from the beach, sexy wave in our hair, and NOW we don't have to wait for beach weather to get it. Through the end of May, we're giving our clients the chance to try this brand new service out at a introductory rate of only $65! That's 35% off! Pravana, a company who has...

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