5 Cute and Simple Spring Break Hairstyles

5 Cute and Simple Spring Break Hairstyles

Where are you headed this spring break? Whether you’re jetting off somewhere exotic or enjoying a relaxing staycation, you’ll stay cute and feel confident with these easy hair moves! Want some professional styling help for a special event (or just to treat yourself)? We’ve got you covered! Contact us for more information or schedule an appointment today.

Photo via Lush to Blush

1. Wavy High Ponytail

Whether your waves are natural, leftover from spending a day in the waves, or created with a curling iron, they’re sure to add some texture and volume to your typical high pony. We especially love this look on ombre hair, as seen above. If you’re looking for a fresh color job that is perfect for spring and summer, consider ombre or balayage!

Photo via Glamour

2. Topknot

The classic topknot never goes out of style, and it’s especially practical when the weather starts to warm up. If you’re headed for a humid, beachy, or tropical destination, tying your hair up in a semi-messy bun allows you to forgo potential frizz. This is also the perfect choice if you’ll be staying active this spring break, as it’s more of a “set it and forget it” style that keeps you looking cute even while you’re on the move.

3. Half Topknot

Don’t want to commit to an updo? You can still pull your hair up and out of your face with a half topknot. This look is well-suited to end-of-day or second-day hair, as it doesn’t require too much precision and can be kept ultra-casual.

Photo via Missy Sue

4. Boho Braids

If you have a little more time on your hands, braids can be dressed up or down. Style them loose, secure with a few bobby pins, and add some subtle waves to any leftover hair using a curling wand for even more texture and bohemian vibes.

Photo via Keiko Lynn

5. Head Scarf Updo

The cutest option for hair that won’t cooperate — whether you’re going out between washes, are having trouble taming frizz, or just want to tie together your cute spring outfit and top it all off (literally!) with a fun print or pop of color.