Be Nice To Your Hair!!!

Be Nice To Your Hair!!!

It’s summer (for those outside of the PNW anyway)! That means it’s the season of highlights and brightening up, and therefore putting a little more damage on your hair. It’s also the season of being out in the elements, mostly the sun and windy, beach air! Even if you don’t color your hair, these things might leave your hair not feeling it’s best, but you know can refresh and rejuvenate it in just 20-30 minutes, right? Let us tell you how…

You can first come into the salon for a heat infused deep conditioning treatment (let us help you pick the right conditioner for your hair type, and the level of damage you have). You can also, or in addition to, perform an in home treatment once weekly for hair that needs a lot of extra love, or if you’re just a do-it-yourself kind of gal. We have deep conditioners for every hair type, so if you’ve thought that your hair is too fine or got too oily too quickly, don’t worry we have a deep conditioner to suit your hair needs! Here are our recommendations. Remember also that if you buy your products from Pinup, but end up not being happy with them for any reason, you can exchange them! Ask us for more details. 🙂

AG Conditioner Deep: Ideal for all hair types! It mends and reconstructs hair using silk, keratin, and wheat (gluten-free) protein, as well as moisturizers to bring life, body, and shine back to dry damaged hair. Plus it smells like bananas! YUM!

Pearatin Restoration Pack: This conditioner is creatine-rich and more ideal for hair that is very dry or can handle more moisture. Using vanilla, almond, and coconut aromatherapy, it will reconstruct, moisturize, and rebuild the hair from the inside out! GREAT product for platinum blondes who are experiencing a lot of breakage. Amazing the strength this puppy puts back into your hair!

For hair that really needs some more daily attention, there’s also Fast Food!

AG Fast Food is our most favorite leave-in conditioner. Use it to instantly calm coarse, frizzy, hair, or to help mend split ends while adding weightless condition and shine to the hair. Use a quarter size amount on clean damp hair, focusing on the ends, then dry and style as desired!

If you’re hair is feeling dry, damaged, or just a little lackluster, ask your stylist about adding on a deep conditioning treatment to your next appointment! Through the rest of July, they are only $10 with any other service! Let us put some bounce and shine back into your locks!