Does My “Image” Really Matter?

Does My “Image” Really Matter?

You know when you leave the salon and you find yourself with an instant boost of confidence and awesomeness? Well, here is a little secret (promise not to tell anyone). That boost is not really a result of your salon visit – though we certainly like to think that we help! Actually, believe it or not, that inflated self-confidence is from within YOU, and we happen to think you’ve gotta let that sexy self out more often. So, listen up, baby….here’s what Pinups do:

Every morning – wake up, take your shower, eat a healthy breakfast and just before you leave the house, put on that perfect shade of self-esteem. How do you do that, you ask? Well, there IS a catch. Self-confidence, as most of you probably know, comes from within. So, what happens when we don’t feel that within? What’s something can we do about it?

Let’s think….

WAIT! We’ve got it! Whenever you leave the salon, you feel that boost we talked about, right? Could that have something to do with how we look on the outside? Could it be that our put-together image is helping us feel better on the inside, thus emoting all kinds of positivity to the people around us? Hmmm…I think maybe we’re onto something here!

Whether we want to accept it or not, our “image” does impact, not only how others view us, but much more importantly, how we view ourselves. The most successful and happiest people don’t generally walk around in sweat pants, a ponytail and a baggy t-shirt (though if you catch us at the grocery, you’ll probably see us in that now and again). Success, at least partially, comes from the ability to feel positive about ourselves, and feeling good inside, often has to do with how we look on the outside.

Here are a few Pinup tips for keeping up your image:

1) Keep your look fresh – Whether it be for your new and trendy do, or your signature, classic style, come in for maintenance trims (every 6-8 weeks) and color touch ups (every 6-12 weeks) on a regular basis so that your hair (the only accessory that goes with everything) looks its best at all times.

2) Shake it up – When you’re going through any kind of life transition, and maybe need a little extra pick-me-up, skip the local happy hour and come in for a new look instead. Sometimes a totally new style, reinventing your fabulous self, is the best therapy.

3) Treat yourself like you know you deserve – Sometimes a little extra pampering can really do a lot to make you feel special. Add on a manicure and relaxing hand massage to your next color service, or freshen up those eyebrow arches to accentuate your brand new summer shade of eyeshadow.

Everybody’s got something to flaunt. Gorgeous eyes, killer lips, long stems, or luscious locks, but whatever your best feature, it won’t compare with that inner beauty shining through. You know you’ve got it, so start to flaunt it! Look in the mirror and love what you see, because what we see in you is pretty damn fabulous!