Don’t Wash Your Color Down That Drain!

Don’t Wash Your Color Down That Drain!

We all LOVE color, and how vibrant it looks when we leave the salon, right? Well, if you want to keep that beautiful hair color looking that amazing for even longer, here are a few tips for your everyday, home maintenance.

1) Wait 48 hours before washing your hair after we color you. This will insure that the color molecules settle deep into your hair shaft and you will get less bleeding from your first post-color shampoo. Bleeding?! Ouch! Oh, no. Not that kind, my dear.

2) Always always avoid hot water when shampooing color treated hair. Your water may be warm, but the cooler the better. Try starting your shower and just putting your cute little head in before the water is fully warmed up. By the time you’re done with your hair, you can turn the water all the way to scalding, where we know you love it. Oh, and also, you’ll be saving water, and the environment by not wasting all that water that goes down the drain every morning! Even if green isn’t your favorite color, you know this is a great energy saving idea.

3) Always use professional shampoos and conditioners, designed for color-treated hair. No exceptions! It may be an extra few dollars per month to get the good stuff, but for as much as you’re paying to color your hair! You know better!

4) Try skipping a day of shampooing here and there. Even try just rinsing your hair and throwing on a little conditioner instead of the daily lather you might normally be used to. For a week or two you’ll feel a little funny not having squeeky clean hair, but actually over a few weeks, you’ll hardly notice, and sometimes you’ll find your hair will even style easier with some of the natural oils left in the hair. Ooooooh! That’s a nice perk!

5) Use lower heat settings on your styling tools, to prevent from damaging the hair, which makes the hair more porous, and thus easier for the color molecules to escape from.

6) Some people say wear a hat in the sun to prevent fading, but who wants to cover up their beautiful locks? We say all you need to do is use our LOMA Pearatin shampoos and conditioners, which not only reconstruct chemically treated hair, add shine, smell amazing, and are reasonably priced, but they also protect from UV damage and fading! Woah!

7) Avoid pools treated with chlorine unless you’re wearing a swim cap. Seattle summer seems just around the corner and that means splashing fun for everyone…or at least we hope!

8) The most important rule of all? Flaunt that beautiful, vibrant color all over town and tell them you found it at your favorite Seattle salon, Pinup! 🙂