Five Short Haircuts Perfect for Fall

Five Short Haircuts Perfect for Fall

September has arrived, and that back-to-school feeling is here. Time to get out your planners, buy some new pens, organize your closets, and start autumn off with confidence and optimism. 

New opportunities and fresh starts await, and what better way to embrace the change of season than with a brand-new haircut? These five short hairstyles will leave you feeling confident and renewed.

Not Your Childhood Bowl Cut

Stacey (@staceyisannoying) shows us how to rock an updated version of the universal ‘90s kid haircut. Don’t go grabbing a bowl from the kitchen, though — simply bring in some inspiration photos of bowl cut-loving celebs such as Celine Dion and Charlize Theron to your stylist instead.

Blunt Cut Bob

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This timeless cut is simple, sleek, and sophisticated. @Zeugirdor21 shows off her short, blunt cut bob, hitting just above the shoulders and cut straight across with a middle part. This cut works with any hair type and texture, emphasizing the jawline and creating a bold yet classic look.

Naturally Curly

Amanda’s (@stacysinterlude) natural curls are accentuated in a voluminous and short off-the-shoulder cut. Special shampoos, leave-in conditioners, and oils designed specifically for curls — such as products in the DevaCurl line — can work with your naturally curly hair to add dimension, control frizz, and leave you feeling fresh and glamorous.

Pixie With Long, Side-Swept Bangs

Pixie cuts, a term used to describe layered haircuts shorter around the neck and longer toward the top, can give off a variety of vibes, from casual and beachy to edgy and glam. @Coffeewithcourtney shows off her jewel-toned multicolored pixie cut paired with long, side-swept bangs that flatter her face.

Long Quiff With Undercut

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Popularized by the ‘50s rockabilly scene, the “quiff” as seen on Pauline (@p.a.w.l.e.e.n) combines a classic tousled pompadour with a pixie cut to create a gorgeous androgynous style for all hair types. The sides and back are usually buzzed in an undercut to accentuate the length and texture on top.

Ready to take the plunge or shape up your already short cut? We’d love to help you out! Contact Pinup Salon today for an appointment or consultation.