Hair Styling Alternatives to Heat Treatments

Hair Styling Alternatives to Heat Treatments

Day after day, week after week of high temperature heat styling can really take its toll on your hair. Once the hair follicle is damaged, there is no chance of repair. Your only option is to tame the frizzies or damaged ends and smooth them with products so that they look less damaged.

A great prevention strategy to avoid this position is to be proactive about giving your hair a “heat break” once a month or so and do no heat treatments or heat styling for a week or a few days at least.

We still want to go out and look our best so here are some great options to try some new styles, look wonderful and give your tresses a much needed break.

  • Beach Hair: Sexy, carefree beach waves are surprisingly easy to attain and many ways to go about it. Consider this one of your go-to heat free day options.
  • Retro-Hollywood glam curls: This is a tried and true method to get lovely curls for medium to short hair styles and the result is old style Hollywood.
  • Short Hair up-do: this tutorial is great for giving volume to short hair and an elegant, classic look
  • Braided up-do: This heat free style is great for medium to long hair with lengths enough to braid. It gives a romantic feel and works for everyday and special events.
  • Double Braided Chic: This double braid option adds some nice definition to the standard head wrapped braid and low bun.

Regardless of which styles you choose, spraying in some wave solution prior to styling is always helpful in retaining the curls or styles longer. Opting for a heat free week will give your hair that much needed break it needs, add some shine, and we suspect you may even find some styles that work well for you any day of the month.

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