Hair Trends for Spring 2015

Hair Trends for Spring 2015

Spring hair trends are fresh, soft, and just waiting for you to try them out. The softer, bohemian look is showing itself in both styles and hair color. For longer hair, soft, sexy, and disheveled braids and softer curls will be supporting the artsy, natural mood. You will see longer hair swept to the side in soft Boho waves.

Whether you go with braids or long tails, a softer, undone look will take prominence over the sleeker look we have seen in seasons past. Both braids and tails are going noticeably longer for Spring 12015, so get growing now if you have not already done so!

A definite move away from the corkscrew curls to a softer, more natural twisted curl can be achieved with twisting damp hair overnight and gentle finger styling in the morning.  This also will give your long hair a much needed break from all that heat styling.

African American hair is also going to a natural twisted curl and moving away from chemically straightened hair.

Color: Moving away from the biolage look, hair colors will be less edgy, warmer, and more natural. Softer baby highlights for blondes and a smoother more gradual effect for brunettes are taking the turn. Redheads will see more hints of copper, gold, and auburn to complement their natural color.

Big buns, lower on the nape as opposed to the high “yoga hair” we have seen. Softer, slightly messy braids will feature a fun array of options such as side braids and looser French braids.

Not only are buns going lower on the nape, long tails will be repositioning there, as well

A fun, more effortless “Out of the Water” look with the use of products to keep that wet look all day long will support your beach and pool time in the summer.

The good news is that this move to a more natural look will also result in giving your hair a break from daily heat styling and save yourself some time to enjoy the spring and summer weather and activities that go with the season…so enjoy!

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