Pinup Salon in Ravenna Opening April 13, 2010!

Pinup Salon in Ravenna Opening April 13, 2010!

In the words of Truvy, from Steel Magnolias…
“I’m a chain!”

It’s true, Pinup Salon is expanding, and opening location #2. We’ve found that as much as we do love the westside, we just aren’t able to reach all the people who crave what we love to give…a down-home, genuine and personalized approach to hair care. We miss the days when hair stylists were like your best friend, the person you could tell anything to. We love clients who really care about establishing a great relationship with their hair stylist, to ensure that the look we give you fits your lifestyle, personality and the life changes that are sure to come. You may be someone who wants to change your image every month or two, or you may have had, and been happy with the same style for the past 15 years. Whatever you fancy, we can give it to you, without the side of hype, so many salons these days serve as a sidedish.

We pride ourselves on being real, and being grounded. This is not a salon environment where we have booming DJ’s you have to scream over, or where you have to get all dressed up for your appointment just to feel like you’ll fit in. We ARE a salon low in pretension, but high in skills, reliability, and truly personalized care. Just think of us as the best blend of a high end, modern, full-service salon, and the most charming little small town beauty parlor you ever saw.

In the words of Shelby, from Steel Magnolias…
“Daddy always says, an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.”

We hope we’ll see you soon!