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    The summer is in full force, and soon your hair will start screaming for help.  You’ve been lying out in the Seattle sun (Yes, it does exist!), swimming in chlorine or salt water, and all that time, probably having so much fun that you’ve neglected your regular hair care routine. By now, your sun-exposed, moisture-thirsty locks are looking for some repair. It’s ok, don’t panic…we’re here to help! Pinup Salon is a huge fan of natural, organic  based hair treatments and LOMA’s Pearatin Fortifying Reparative Serum is one of the most genius products we’ve found to help you restore yourself to shinier and healthier hair. It even protects the hair against UV damage! Just a few drops are enough to repair and hydrate wet or dry hair. You can re-apply as much as desired to help tame frizz, without being overly greasy. Also for fun, try rubbing a bit on your dry skin patches. Hello secret spa treatment! :-O

    If you’re lookin’ for that sexy surfer girl hairstyle, without being soaked in salt water, play up your natural waves by adding a bit of spray gel and letting your hair air dry. If you’re natural waves are absent, get that tousled look by curling the ends of your hair and use some styling cream to scrunch in that gorgeous messy style that looks so hot on the beach.

    We want you to have fun this summer, but remember that once your hair is overdamaged, it’s hard to bring it back to life, so follow our basic tips for maintaining your hair, including periodic deep conditioning treatments and use of quality, professional products. We want you to look your best so you can feel your best! :)


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