Fall 2015 Hairstyle Trends to Watch For

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Fall 2015 Hairstyle Trends to Watch For

Fall hair fashions are sure to provide options for every look and every lifestyle, as you can see with the hot new hairstyle trends for fall 2015. You can be sure to find a style and look perfect for you. Have fun finding a new one to try on!

  • Hair accessories: Those fun hair toys that you enjoyed this summer will take you into the fall a well. Glitzy hair slides, plenty of bling-y clips and head bands will take you from work to the evening. The key is to have fun and express yourself.
  • Afro-crimped: Paris fashion week saw some crazy roots-crimped long locks and you will see that on the bravest of style mavens this fall.
  • Natural Curls: for African American women this is no fly by night trend. More and more women are saying goodbye to the straightening products and hello to their natural curls.
  • The wet look: coming back from last summer, this look is going strong into the fall long after the pool has closed. Products that allow a trace of comb-tracks will keep your hair in place as well as the wet look all day long.
  • The messy topknot: This one is still hot and popular. Hair products to encourage texture and keep things with a “controlled messy look” will give you this effortless look
  • The Bun: It is moving up the head a bit, from the nape (although that is still a lovely option) to higher on the head with a tail cascading and off to the side. Think a combination of sleek as well as a bit messy.
  • Curls, curls and more curls: Less so on the calculated corkscrew effect and more loose. Bohemian curls with a sexier, romantic look.
  • Long, disheveled cascading locks with the free, untamed look
  • French Twist with a twist: The key is tousled and slightly lopsided to say sexy and oh-so-French.
  • Thick, high ponytails: This look has a playful mood and can get dressed up for the evening or take you through your day.
  • Side parts: The off-center look for short, long and combined with classic buns, loose curls, or even the grunge look will keep your side part at the forefront (pun intended).

Regardless of the style, the basic untreated or lightly treated healthy hair is the starting point. Make sure your hair care regimen includes drinking plenty of H2o and deep conditioning treatments while minimizing heat styling where you can. It will be that much easier to attain the look you want with a healthy head of hair to start with.

Featured photo source: Pixabay.com