Fall Color Maintenance Tips

Fall Color Maintenance Tips

There’s no denying it. After a beautiful, sun-filled summer, fall has finally arrived in Seattle. This seems to prompt us to change into our darker wardrobe, and darker hair colors as well. Have you checked out our previous blog post about going darker? Have you now changed your hair to a darker hue? If so, and you’re loving it, that’s great! Here are a few tips from our team on how to maintain it.

Tinted shampoos and conditioners are a great and inexpensive first step. If you changed your hair to a beautiful chestnut brown, and want to maintain that warm shine to it, a shampoo or conditioner tinted with that shade can deposit a little color every time you wash your hair, to not only extend the life of your color in-between appointments but also keep that tone bright! Ask your stylist next time you’re in the salon and we can customize a color deposit shampoo and conditioner for you to take home.

Another great in-salon option for your color is to add on a botanical color and shine treatment in-between color appointments or during your root touch up! We carry a product by Pravana called Silk Degrees, which doesn’t require any use of chemicals, but does wonders to refresh the previously colored hair, adding massive amounts of shine, and gorgeous color deposit. You can choose from red, copper, golden, mahogany, chocolate, and even platinum. We like to combine them for customized tones to match your regular color formulation. The best part about this product is that it causes NO additional damage to your hair, so if you are concerned about over drying out your hair, or making it more frizzy, this product has the opposite effect. Our clients who have tried this, absolutely love it!

Lastly, something to think about if you feel you might have gone too dark for your comfort level is to have a few Ombre highlights added to your deeper tone. We can paint on as many or as few highlighted pieces to your hair for a nice subtle lightened effect or for something more bold. This is also a great way to start transitioning away from the dark come early spring, if your goal is to return to blonde for the summer…though that does seem a long ways away at this point! :-O

Embrace the fall weather and the rich darker colors that are trending. Whether you bring that into your hair is your choice, but remember we can always help you maintain it with professional recommendations that will keep you loving your hair every time you look in the mirror. 🙂