Get a Confidence a Boost with a New Hairstyle

Get a Confidence a Boost with a New Hairstyle

As much as we all would like to believe that we don’t judge a book by its cover, the reality is that to a certain extent, all of us do.  And that includes our own self-image. How you perceive yourself is a part of your own personal confidence and it affects how you project yourself, which in turn has a direct effect on how others perceive you.

Think about it, when we are not feeing very sexy, beautiful, or plain old happy, we have a hard time convincing others that we are any of those things.  Many times, a new hairstyle, make over or new outfit can be the ticket to your show of “I am Wonderful”, where you are the star.

Know your personal style before making any hairstyle changes. Your hair your most prominent feminine feature and sends a strong message of who you are as well as match well with your overall personal style.  If you are not sure of your personal style, talk with friends, your hair stylist, and others in your life who can give you a more objective insight.

Consider the current season when contemplating a different hair color.  The seasons and color choices really have direct bearing on our moods. If you need some pick me up in the winter months, consider going a bit lighter than your normal color to help that along. “We have a deep-rooted emotional connection with the shade we choose, which can reveal our mood, mindset and ultimately who we are,” shares Caroline Brien, author of “Shades of You”.

Women going through a divorce report that going with a color change to “wash that man right outta my hair” actually helps! Changing your hair style and color can be a part of lightening the load that comes with the emotional roller coaster of a lost relationship.

Do you feel the need for more personal adventure and spice in your life? If so, going into the red tones or getting more of an edgy cut can compliment that. Letting your curls go natural and fee can re-enforce new freedoms and more relaxed life if that is what is happening for you.  Conversely, a straighter, sleeker look can send a more refined, professional image if you are interviewing for a career change. Long. Soft, sexy curls are…sexy!

Regardless of the fresh, new changes you and your stylist decide on, remember that your outward expression of confidence starts inwardly.  Love and take care of the inner you as you make the fun changes on the outside. Have fun as you boost your mood with the new you. Schedule your visit today at our Ravenna or West Seattle hair salon.