Hair: Your Look, Style, Expression, and Beyond

Hair: Your Look, Style, Expression, and Beyond

You are putting a lot of thought and action into creating your own personal style.  You shop with a certain look in mind for your clothes, jewelry, and shoes.  You know that when you see those oh-so-perfect-boots that not even your limited paycheck will stand in the way of owning that coupe du resistance pair to finish off your look for fall.

So GIRL, why do you leave your hair to last minute and trim your salon budget long before your bangs? Your hair style and color are a part of the stage that helps to make that statement about who you are. Not taking time to extend your look to your hair is a bit like baking a great cake and forgetting about the frosting.  Well, we are here to help you frost your cake and finish off your look with flair and finesse (and just maybe a bit of fondant, as well!)

Your style mavens at Pinup can help you select that cut and style that fits your lifestyle and helps to define your look.

If your life and look is more sleek and classic, Audrey Hepburn, then consider longer hair that lends itself to up do’s. Are you more edgy, Goth in your style?  Consider a hairstyle that looks more “vampire Goth”.

Don’t forget to think about your bangs or if you don’t have any, consider adding them to your look. If you have long hair and want a change, but don’t want to lose much length, adding bangs can really make things fresh and draw attention to your eyes.

  • Choppy bangs are texturized for a slightly messy, casual look work well with wavy hair or texturized styles.
  • Side swept bangs have a longer look and wear well with just about any cut.
  • Blunt bangs have a cool, edgy look and are great with longer hair.

Your hair color has perhaps the most visual impact on defining your style. Talk with your stylist about choosing a color that best reflects not only your personal style, but your cut, as well.

  • Red hair makes a strong statement, has fabulous luster, and can really turn heads.  There are so many shades of red that you can go from soft and subtle with strawberry blond, to red vixen with deep mahogany.
  • Black hair lends an air of class, mystery and elegance and can really shine.
  • The saying that blonds have more fun may have some truth to it.  Regardless, there are so many shades of blond and going lighter in the winter can really lift your mood.

Your Pinup style queens are here to help you define and refine your style.  Trust us to help you frost that cake, so you can have your cake and eat it too!

Featured photo source: Flickr user myvintagehut.