Avoid These Harmful Hair Styling Methods

Avoid These Harmful Hair Styling Methods

Nothing can ruin a perfectly perfect hair cut and color more than damaged hair. I mean, what is the point of going through all that effort, spending your hard earned euros on a most stunning cut and color by your artistes at Pinup…only to go home and ruin it all day after day with your horrifying hairstyling habits until your next appointment in Pinup Paradise?

Here is a list of no-no’s that you must promise on scouts honor never to commit or at least promise to minimize:

  • Over-styling with heat: Heat from dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc. do the most damage to hair on a daily basis.  Make it a point to give your hair a break and incorporate hair styles that don’t require heat processing.
  • Rubbing hair rather than blotting: Rubbing and squeezing your hair after your shower can really cause breakage. Change your habits to blot your hair with a towel.  Even better, let it air dry immediately after blotting.
  • Over processing with damaging coloring and perm products such as bleach:  Bleaching your hair damages the shingles protecting your hair pigment that covers the hair shaft. When the hair dye passes through the gaps in the outer hair shaft layers, it swells to create a different hair color.  Talk to your coiffure fashionista at Pinup about better options for color than bleach.
  • Over-brushing (just say NO to 100 brushes a day!): What can we say?  Over brushing causes breakage, plain and simple.  Just brush enough to remove the tangles. Your hair is more vulnerable to damage when wet, so knock off the wet brushing, ‘kay? And use a boar bristle brush to distribute the scalp’s natural oils more evenly throughout the hair.
  •  Washing too often, use of shampoos containing ingredients that dries out hair. Frequent washing even with the best of shampoos can dry out the hair and make it more susceptible to damage.  Try to work out days in your week when you can let it get nice and oily with your natural oils.  Give yourself permission for a hat day, whatever it takes to reduce shampooing.
  • Vigorous styling such as tight braids, extensions, and weaves:  Pony tails, braids and extensions can cause the hair to break if your hair is pulled to tight.  One time can cause a lot of broken hair. If it is uncomfortable or your scalp aches, there is too much pressure at the roots.

As a side note, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) is found in most supermarket shampoos, and is extremely harsh on hair as it strips the scalp of its naturally occurring oils, leaving flaky, irritated, skin.  Over time, this continual stripping of oils leaves hair vulnerable and damaged.  Read your labels!!  Better yet, let your gal at Pinup recommend just the right hair products for you and your tresses.

We are not saying that you should never use a blow dryer, straightener, or color your hair.  Just be aware of how much of this processing goes is inflicted on your noggin in the course of a week and look for ways to minimize that.

If you have committed any of the above war crimes against hair, rest assured that if you turn yourself in peacefully at Pinup, we will work our magic to correct your offences. Call us to schedule an appointment today so we can avoid putting out that warrant for your arrest.

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