Hair Product Shopping: It’s Not As Easy as Heading to the Drugstore

Hair Product Shopping: It’s Not As Easy as Heading to the Drugstore

Despite the perceived convenience and low price, it might not be the best choice to do your hair product shopping at your neighborhood Bartell’s Drugstore. You could be in for a lot of wasted time and money if things go wrong, or at very least, a bad hair day.

It is really important to become educated on your hair and its special needs.

Hair isn’t generic or one-size-fits-all in its care. Hair is a lot like skin – it’s unique to you, with its own needs and moods. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo might have been the ‘no tears’ solution that your mom used when you were in diapers, but the wrong shampoo these days can really bring on the water works (or at least the desire to cry).

There are hundreds – if not thousands – of hair care products out there… how’s a girl to choose the right one for her hair?

Your team here at Pinup can be a resource to help you a) find the right product for your hair that will achieve your desired results, and b) save you some cash by helping you avoid buying unnecessary or ‘wrong’ products. Most of the drugstore brands out there won’t give you the lusciously voluminous, moisturized locks that they promise. Or even if they did for your BFF, they might mean disaster for you.

Since there are so many (and lots of them great) hair care brands out and about, we’ve narrowed our selection at the salon to just a couple to keep things simpler for our clients. We stand behind each of these brands – Loma, DevaCurl, and Unite – not just because we love them so much, but also because they are sulfate- and paraben-free! Loma is actually also gluten-free and vegan, if you have allergies.

Another thing that’s special about the products at Pinup is that they actually do what they say they’re going to do to your hair! We like to take it a step further and educate our clients on how to use the products we recommend to them, so that they can actually re-create their salon styling at home. You won’t have to deal with that annoying experience of looking great on haircut day, but then fighting to do it again for 6-8 weeks until your next appointment!

We also guarantee the effectiveness of our products, so if you aren’t happy with a shampoo or styling product we’ve recommended, you can exchange your unused portion for something that might be more suitable.

Having an education under your belt when you do your hair product shopping is really important. We recommend that you treat your shampoo like you treat your facial moisturizer – get an expert’s advice! It costs a lot less in time and money in the long run, so why not check in with your super friendly stylist when you’re in for your next cut-and-color? We guarantee to point you in a direction that will keep the bad hair days to an absolute minimum!