Stylists That Have Your Back: What Makes Pinup Salon Special

Stylists That Have Your Back: What Makes Pinup Salon Special

You know the drill. You’ve been getting your hair cut and colored at the salon Downtown for years, with results that are just ‘okay’, a price tag that’s a teensy bit higher than you’d like to pay for those results, and a lackluster experience overall.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 5.30.37 PMIck. The experience of getting your hair done is supposed to be better. You’re supposed to love your hair when you walk out of the salon, tossing it over your shoulders or relishing the feel of the wind. Your trip in to see a stylist should really end with great results, and maybe be something you enjoy and even look forward to. I mean, you do have to live with and love your hair for a couple of months to come.

We may be a bit biased, but there are some things about Pinup Salon that makes us special, and we feel we stand out from your typical salon in a few awesome ways:

  • – Get ‘er Done Right: Most salons tout it, but it’s really true here at Pinup – we want you to love your hair when you leave your cosmetologist’s chair! We want to make sure we get your color, cut, and anything else you ask us to do. More than that, we’re licensed cosmetologists and professionals here, so if you want to do something with your hair that we just know won’t look good – we’ll tell you. Nicely, of course. We have your back.
  • – No Judgment: You want purple hair? Spikes? Just a trim and layers? No problem. We’re not like other salons, where you walk in and suddenly feel like you’re smack in the middle of a “Real Housewives” scene. We won’t judge your looks, and we won’t judge your haircut – unless you’re coming here to have us fix something that they messed up at another salon, then we’ll judge and sympathize right along with you.
  • – Long-Term Results: The usual: You go in for a cut and color, and the stylist makes your hair look fantastic. Yay! Right? But then as soon as you shower the magic is gone and you can never ever make it look the same, no matter how hard you try. Does that scenario drive you crazy? Us too, which is why we show you how to style your hair to make it look fresh from our salon every day!
  • – Product Purity: Here at Pinup, we’re up front and honest with our customers about the product they use on their hair. We’re happy to educate you on why Loma is so much better than Aveda, but if you’d rather just take our word for it and skip the lecture, that’s fine too. We stand behind the products we put on the shelves because they’re damn good products with fantastic ingredients (none of those sulfates or parabens that harm hair), but they actually work! Imagine that, right?


There are quite a few other reasons why we’re special (at least in our humble opinion), but we’ll leave off to let you figure them out when you visit us. Contact our West Seattle salon at 206-932-5077, or our Ravenna salon at 206-525-5705. We’d love to be part of making your hair look awesome!