I Do! A Guide To Pinup’s Bridal Services

I Do! A Guide To Pinup’s Bridal Services

We know it sounds early, but wedding season is already gearing up! We’ve been getting calls for brides setting the dates for their hair and makeup services, so we thought we would take a moment to explain a little further what services we offer for brides, and bridal parties.

First off, with our bridal hair services, we always include a trial run, for every client. Why is a trial run necessary? It helps with ease of mind not only for the bride but also for the stylist! We’re all very seasoned in a wide variety of updo styling, from the classic Pinup sets, to the artistic and avant-garde, to loose beachy styles, and everything in between. Since all hair types and textures are unique, it’s important for us to know how cooperative your hair will be with your desired style, and the best products and tools to use, insuring your hair will hold up throughout the day and night! When a bride leaves after her trial run, she can let us know if the style held up or not, so that we can easily adjust our approach for her wedding day as needed.

Another reason that a trial run is good to do ahead of time is just in case the style chosen ends up not working with the wedding dress. We’ve had brides set on a high bun updo for their wedding but after seeing the trial updo with the dress on, they realized that a low side bun worked better for a balanced look. There should be NO reason that getting made beautiful on a bride’s wedding day should be stressful, and having a trial run eliminates any question that her hair will look just as perfect as she imagined it should.

Aside from hairstyling we also offer makeup services. Our stylists have all been trained in basic shading, contouring, skin tone matching and color enhancing techniques via our professional license training, as well as advanced private classes held by M.A.C and Youngblood Cosmetics. Some of those classes have been bridal work specific, giving us a better sense of how bridal makeup should work with certain types of lighting and camera flashes, which is pretty critical given that all your memories from your wedding day will have been captured through the lens of a camera! Living in Seattle, we run into many girls who don’t wear much makeup, so we don’t want to have them feeling like a totally different person on their wedding day! From tinted moisturizer to full coverage foundation we will create a look that naturally enhances the bride’s features, to leave her looking like her most beautiful self, while respecting what level of coverage she is comfortable with. You won’t be running into those heavy foundation lines with us, but know that you also won’t be left with makeup that is too sheer to look fantastic well into the night. Love the dramatic? Don’t worry – so do we! Smokey eyes, vintage red lips? Whatever your fancy, we are on it!

We not only provide bridal services in the salon, but for 95% of our clients, we actually come to the wedding site to service the bridal party. Hotel bathrooms, church basements, the groom’s cousin’s dining room – we have worked in every kind of space, big and small. If your bridal party is getting their hair or makeup done as well, we can even send two or three stylists to get everyone completed in a shorter window of time, and be in the comfort of your own venue! Jen always tells the story about getting a speeding ticket 2 days before her wedding on the way to pick up her gown, and how stressful just THAT was. Her philosophy is that driving around town on one of the most stressful days of one’s life probably isn’t a super wise idea, so the more we can help reduce the need for commuting, the better for everyone on the road, especially the bride! 🙂

Pricing – everyone wants to know about pricing, of course! This is tricky to quote exactly, since travel fees will vary slightly based on your location, but as a general rule, the larger your bridal party, and the more services received by each person, the more of a discount we can give you on each service added. For example, in-salon hair styling for the bride plus 2 updo styles (and these prices include the trial run for the bride) is $350, whereas the cost for the bride plus 5 other styles is only $575. Styles don’t have to be just for your bridesmaids either, as we often do hair and makeup for flower girls, mothers, and grandmothers of the bride and groom! Each wedding party is always provided with a firm, custom quote, so if you’re interested in finding out more, you can email bookme@pinupsalon.biz with the details of your event and we’ll get back to you within a day or two with an exact price based on your needs.

We look forward to bridal season every year here at Pinup Salon and truly enjoy helping our beautiful brides look their best for their wedding day! If you are planning your own wedding, or helping a friend plan hers, we hope you will consider Pinup for your styling needs. We promise to create a seamless, stress-free experience, focused on keeping your day calm, and joyous, while also making your entire bridal party look amazing for your big day!