Poplin Style Meets Pinup Salon

Mellicia Marx with hair styled by Pinup Salon

Poplin Style Meets Pinup Salon

Poplin Style Direction: Seattle’s Personal Stylist

Seattleites may tend to prioritize staying warm, dry, and comfortable over being fashionable, but some people have a harder time than others when it comes to personal style.

That’s where Mellicia Marx from Poplin Style Direction comes in. As Poplin Style’s founder, Mellicia believes that people should be able to express their unique style effortlessly while going about their day-to-day lives. This isn’t easy, so Poplin Style’s mission is to help individuals determine what their style is, and then give them the tools they need to embody that style.

Toward that end, Poplin Style offers several different packages to meet clients where they are, including services such as style consultations, closet analyses, and guided shopping excursions. Mellicia’s clients also turn to her with all types of style questions, such as where to get their hair done, and she strives to give them the best advice she can.

“My focus is clothing and accessories,” says Mellicia. “Clearly, that’s not the entire package. So, I spend a great deal of time connecting with resources that can help my clients and readers.”

Why Poplin Style Loves Pinup Salon

Mellicia Marx with hair styled by Pinup Salon

In a recent blog post, Mellicia explained why Pinup Salon is one of her recommendations. For her, it comes down to three things: the vibe, the skills, and the services. Here’s what she said.

The Vibe

On a recent visit to Pinup, Mellicia liked the openness of our Ravenna location, and even brought her son along with her. “Locally owned and operated, it’s really comfortable to have a kid in the salon when necessary.”

The Skills

“It’s common to make a trade-off — small, charming salon or cutting edge styling skills,” explains Mellicia. “I was delighted to discover that Pinup Salon had both.” Mellicia also appreciated that Pinup has certified DevaCurl stylists that are trained in cutting curly hair when it’s dry, since the top of her hair is naturally wavy.

The Services

Pinup’s wide range of services impressed Mellicia, as they’re not only catered to those with curly hair. “Those [services] include wedding and special occasion hair, color, etc. AND vintage styling. How cool is that? Plus there’s waxing and makeup lessons.”

Mellicia Marx with hair styled by Pinup Salon

Mellicia kept her Pinup-styled hair for three days so that she could show it off at a client photo shoot.

Revamp Your Look With Pinup Salon and Poplin Style

We could all use some style help every now and then. To give your hair a boost, book an appointment with Pinup today and check our blog for hair advice and current trends. And for tips on clothing, accessories, and other style concerns, follow Poplin Style Direction on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.