Popular Bang Styles and Where They Came From

Close-up of Audrey Hepburn

Popular Bang Styles and Where They Came From

Believe it or not, bangs weren’t always as popular as they are today. Like most trends, they originated when people dared to do things a little differently — and in the examples we’ve included below, the risk paid off. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular contemporary bang styles and the figures who made them famous.


Louise Brooks

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Blunt Bangs: Louise Brooks

The 1920s were a time of great style experimentation for women, featuring short dresses, dark lipstick, and new hairstyles. This is when bangs first became popular — due to flappers’ style as a whole, but especially due to film star and dancer Louise Brooks, whose bobbed hair and blunt bangs are iconic. We still see these bangs today, most recently on Kerry Washington.


Bettie PagePhoto via Flickr

Rockabilly Bangs: Bettie Page

In the 1950s, pinup model Bettie Page popularized rockabilly bangs, which she often paired with classic pinup hairstyles. Sometimes called “Bettie bangs” in her honour, this rounded style exposes the eyebrows and some of the forehead and is typically slightly longer in the middle. You’ve probably seen an adapted version of this look on Katy Perry.


Audrey Hepburn

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Baby Bangs: Audrey Hepburn

Another icon of the ‘50s, Audrey Hepburn wore her fringe short and wispy. While this look seems like it would be hard to pull off, it actually works with a variety of hair lengths and textures. What’s more — baby bangs are trending for 2018 (Emma Watson’s are our favorite), so now may be the time to jump onboard.


Curtain Bangs: Brigitte Bardot

Curtain bangs may be one of the most-searched trends on Pinterest right now, but all of the credit goes to Brigitte Bardot, a French actress, singer, dancer, and fashion model popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s. This style frames the face and can easily be blended into any haircut or length, making it universally flattering. Check out curtain bangs on Dakota Johnson and Camila Cabello for inspiration.


Jane Birkin

Photo via Flickr

Messy Bangs: Jane Birkin

English-French actress, singer, songwriter, and model Jane Birkin mastered the art or feathered, slightly unkempt bangs, giving off the impression of effortless perfection. Another trending hairstyle of 2018, these bangs are easier to maintain than some of the shorter and blunter options.


Francoise Hardy

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Full Bangs: Francoise Hardy

The full, eye-grazing bangs worn by French singer-songwriter Francoise Hardy probably resonate most today, as they’re the style that almost everyone has considered getting at some point. Think of these bangs as a precursor to Zooey Deschanel’s retro fringe.


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