Sourcing Safe and Local Hair Products

Sourcing Safe and Local Hair Products

You know that your trusted Pinup professionals care deeply about you and the products you use to keep your hair radiant and healthy. Read on for a closer peek at the fabulous products we carry and learn why we feel as passionately about them as we do.


If Marissa Marino and Riawna Capri (stylists to the stars) use Unite products on their A-list clients, why should your famous tresses be treated to anything less? What makes Unite products pass Pinup’s strict quality test of superiority? The products are free of sulfates, paraben, gluten, sodium chloride, DEA, MEA, and are safe for colored hair. What that means is that only high quality, natural products are applied to your marvelous mane and those harsh additives found in many hair product lines are avoided. Oh, on top of that? The products simply work! At Pinup, we’re more concerned with products that get the job done than we are with brand names, price point or who is styling who. We just want products that do what they say they will do, and Unite’s great at delivering on their promises!

Loma Organics:

Owner and founder David Hanen built the Loma line with a commitment to strong performing, color-safe hair care products that have organically and botanically based formulas and scents. They also are a totally gluten, paraben and sulfate free line that is also vegan, so safe for all you animal lovers out there! In Loma’s shampoos, you will find pure mango and tropical essential oils that add moisture and shine to your tresses. Colored and permed hair will be rejuvenated from pure orange and tangerine essential oils that lock in color and moisture. Loma’s conditioners just say no to synthetic petrol-chemical oils (yeah, as in gasoline  products) and instead are rich in natural proteins, pure cranberry aromatherapy, and pure lavender essential oil. So put the gas in your tank, and the pure orange, tangerine, rosemary and ylang ylang oils on your hair. We’ve carried these Washington based products since Pinup opened in 2008 and we can tell you it is honestly the only organic line we’ve ever used on clients that actually leaves the hair feeling amazing, not dried out, like many organic products tend to. Great price point, and great products. If you support buying local, this would be a great line to try out.


“Curly hair is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle”. Just the mantra for curly girls looking to embrace their curls rather than fight them. As one of the first hair care companies to offer gentle, hydrating ingredients and botanical extracts specifically designed for curly hair, DevaCurl continues to be an industry leader today with healthy styling products. “Free your inner curl” with DevaCurl’s complete line of cleansers, conditioners, and styling products that are sulfate-, silicone- and paraben-free. Ask your stylist about DevaCurl’s 3-step system to help you get your soft, luscious curls. Curly hair is dry by nature and without proper care, will end up a frightening frizz! The 3 step system of “No Poo” cleanser, DevaCurl One Conditioner, and Light Defining Gel all work together to create the perfect combination of conditioning, moisturizing, and defining your lovely locks. Consult with the Curly Girl Handbook for tips and advice on working with your curls rather than against them. DevaCurl products are committed to helping you realize your healthy, naturally lovely, frizz free curls.

With the countless choices of hair product at Pinup, there is no excuse for your hair to not be your most glorious asset.