Diverted Hair Products – Why They Do More Harm Than Good

Diverted Hair Products – Why They Do More Harm Than Good

Years of searching for that incredible stylist with magical instincts has resulted in the discovery of your salon artiste who not only attends to every detail of your (amazing) love life, but manages to produce A-list dreamed-of results with your hair.

You spend your hard earned $$$’s in the chair of your genius with shears. Her trendsetting vision and extraordinary talent float you out of the salon with your hair
feeling like silk instead of straw, shaped to make your hair look thicker and fuller than you thought possible, and smelling enchanting … you know your great hair
gives you confidence.

Under her suggestion, you have learned to finally produce similar results to how your hair looks immediately after a salon session … and then you do WHAT??? Apply “discounted”, contraband products of questionable origins to your luxurious locks???

Under the false illusion of saving money, consumers are purchasing professional products sold through unauthorized dealers such as mass retailers, supermarkets, discounted drug stores, “salon” websites, and warehouse retailers, rather than recommended products from their stylist. These products are known in the industry
as “diverted hair products”.

Some products look identical side by side, but often times one is counterfeit and lab test have shown that many diverted hair products are diluted or even contain
questionable ingredients. Authentic products should have batch codes, which let consumers know if the product is part of a recall or not. Unauthorized dealers
remove the batch codes so the product is untraceable.

The biggest clue that diverted products might not actually be what they seem is that the manufacturers themselves revoke any guarantee of their products if you purchase them from any source other than a professional salon. You think you’re getting a great deal, but if the manufacturers don’t stand behind their products once sold in mass market chains, you have to wonder just HOW good of a deal it really is. Besides the product often being old, formulated incorrectly, or diluted, the price you’re paying at mass retailers is actually often higher than what you pay in the salon, and since there is no guarantee, you can’t return or exchange these products once purchased. Pinup has always stood behind it’s products, so if for any reason you’re not happy with a product we recommend, we’ll exchange it at any time, no questions asked. That’s much better than having one more bottle of unused product to line your bathroom shelves. You won’t get that kind of service at Target!

Diverted products are often damaged, outdated, and/or the ingredients have been tampered with. This leaves the consumer with no assurance of the actual
ingredients applied to their hair, face, or body. Kind of gross, when you think about it. :O

Long term exposure to questionable products could even result in a horrifying case of Diversion-itis: “the psychological condition involving the compulsion to pull out
one’s own hair after suffering untold side effects from diverted products”. Okay, we made that one up, but do not take lightly the financial waste of using diverted products, which may not right for you. You love your stylist because she knows you and your hair. Trust her with recommendations for the right products for you. You know she knows what product your hair needs to be its awesomest!