Trending Hair Colors for 2018

Trending Hair Colors for 2018

With every new year comes new trends, and 2018 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for hair! There are plenty of classic and emerging hair color trends to consider for your New Year ‘do. For those with bold tastes, bold roots instead of tips are increasingly popular, while both charcoal and salt and pepper dyed hair are gaining traction in current color trends.

Blonde Tones to “Dye” For

Baby blonde, a light and soft shade, is an ideal match for dark winter clothing and pale winter complexions. Bleach-toned or near white hair is also trending. This look does require color maintenance, but for many, the attention it demands is worth it. For those seeking a more natural shade, a more subtle golden ombre may be the way to go.

As winter thaws into spring, it’ll be time to brighten up your locks before you know it! Buttery blonde, a natural and warm tone, complements many faces. For a more dramatic finish, consider pearl blonde, which is a soft shade reminiscent of heirloom pearls, yet not quite so bold as platinum. For those looking for a bold twist on blonde, consider rose blonde, a golden hue with hints of pink that make it pop.

Colors for Brunettes

“Tiger eye” combines honey, soft brown, amber, and other tones via balayage for a subtle look that grows out well. This combo provides a grown-up, modern take on the highlights of old. “Bronde,” a strategic combination of brunette and blonde tones, is an especially perfect summer color, giving your hair a sunny post-beach look.

For those with darker brown tones, consider a cinnamon-caramel swirl, with deep red and caramel tones featuring just a hint of golden blonde. Bolder brunettes should consider chocolate-mauve, which is already trending as a popular color this year. A refreshing mixture of brown and soft pink, this blend can spruce up your natural color.

For Redheads and Darker Hair

Burnt orange and copper are taking off as popular tones for redheads, with a luscious combination of both orange and red. A deep wine tone is also a great way to add dimension to your hair color for the dark winter months. This color is also fun for those with black or dark brown hair who want a subtle pop of color over their natural tone.

For those with dark hair and a sense of adventure, rich jewel tones compliment the natural color of your hair perfectly. Midnight blue, in particular, is on the rise. You may also want to try “blondze,” adding blonde and bronze to your naturally dark locks.