Don’t Fall for These Common Hair Myths

Don’t Fall for These Common Hair Myths

Between mom’s wisdom and tips from beauty bloggers, most of us hear an abundance of advice on how to achieve the perfect locks, much of which can be conflicting information. It is increasingly tricky to sort myth from truth and to know which tips to follow and which to brush off.

Many hair-related fables developed before people fully understood how hair grows and what impacts its appearance and health. The expert stylists who you entrust with cutting, coloring, and styling your hair have a deep understanding of the craft and know how to bring out the best in your locks.

Consider some of the common hair care beliefs you may hold that aren’t helping your hair game.

Myth 1: Haircuts or Brushing Make Hair Grow Faster or Healthier

No matter what advice you’ve sworn by, simple cosmetic processes won’t really affect how your hair grows. Getting regular haircuts and trims can mitigate split ends and make your hair look healthier, but it won’t be growing back any faster. Removing straggly bits can even help your hair appear fuller and thicker, but regular cuts won’t have any impact on how your hair grows.

Similarly, you may have heard this quirky old tale: that brushing your hair at least 100 strokes a day will make it stronger or shinier. This advice originated during a time when hair treatments were less advanced and less abundant, and women were taught that brushing could help distribute natural oils from the scalp down the strands. These days, excessive brushing could simply mean more breakage.

Myth 2: Pulling Out Gray/White Hairs Will Make Even More Grow Back

It is common for people to develop more gray and white hairs after noticing the first few strands. There is no connection between plucking or pulling out these hairs and the growth of new gray or white hairs. These hairs would continue growing regardless of whether you pulled out other hairs you noticed previously.

Myth 3: Hair Dye Equals Hair Damage

Some women dream of changing their hair color but choose not to out of concern for their hair health. Fear not! When it comes to serious hair damage, botched home dye jobs and excessively intense bleaching are the primary culprits. If you choose to go a shade or two darker, salon hair color services and accompanying treatments may actually strengthen your hair instead of weakening it.

Myth 4: Absolutely No Coloring Your Hair during Pregnancy

You’ve likely heard the common myth that women can’t dye their hair during pregnancy. This isn’t strictly true. The risk lies in inhaling ammonia, which can happen if you try to dye your hair at home. Going to a salon with commercial ventilation may be sufficient to prevent unhealthy levels of exposure. Pinup Salon is proud to use Pravana, a color line formulated with one of the lowest ammonia contents in the color industry. In all the years of being studied, there has been no correlation found between hair color and adverse affects on pregnant moms or their fetuses.