How to Style Every Hair Length

How to Style Every Hair Length

How do you wear your hair? Pixie-length? Skimming your shoulders? Natural? Long and layered? No matter your haircut or length, show off those locks with some simple yet chic styling techniques.

Tips on styling short hair

Right now, the undercut is incredibly popular. This look pairs well with a no-nonsense short cut for a low-maintenance but trendy look. You can also opt for a dramatic side part to add volume and a hint of retro glam. If your hair is extremely short, consider styling it with additional lift right in the front, where your bangs would fall.

If you’ve been gifted with curly hair, embrace those ringlets! You can wear short waves or use a little product to texturize or feather your curls and give your hair more defined shape. Short, natural twists come across as both effortless and stylish.

You may also style shorter cuts into an edgy or retro pompadour. Whether framing your face or arching across your crown, braids can give the illusion of longer locks and keep your hair out of your face.

Modern medium length style ideas

Loosely textured (but not quite wavy) hair is ideal for ladies with medium length hair who want to be on trend. It’s a modern look with a natural appeal that takes little effort to perfect.

For those who want a timeless look, you can easily go with the ever-popular beach waves or a sleek, polished hairstyle. Whether you’re going for undone curls with that lived-in look or just slightly bendy and textured waves, your style will look effortless and graceful.

When it comes to color, don’t forget that medium length hair really allows ombre dye to pop as the gradient frames your face.

Long hairstyles that are anything but boring

Simple is often best, so if it works with your color and face shape, consider a sleek, blunt cut. If the polished look isn’t for you, consider loose, romantic braids. Let some strands fly loose and only start braiding past your shoulders for a look that’s both effortless and dramatic. If you want an updo, use a messy braid as the starter point and pin everything just above the nape of your neck.

If you’re looking for glamour, part your hair to one side for added volume, or try a wavy blowout or high semi-teased ponytail.