Why We’re Not Your Typical Hoity-Toity Salon

Why We’re Not Your Typical Hoity-Toity Salon

We have all been in those high volume, high pressure, and high priced salons.  You know… the ones where you feel the need to don your spikey new Louboutins, oh-so-tight skinny jeans and even get your hair done before you go? Now, how can a gal kick her feet up and truly relax and feel pampered as the queen of the day that she truly is when all that pressure and craziness is going on?

Your sisters at Pinup know just what you need for a session of pampering and beautification. What makes your team at Pinup stand out above so many other salons?

We are Divas of Detail, hair obsessed, Color Creationists, and personal style coaches for your locks. Your girls at Pinup are pursuing our dreams of making your dreams come true. We are all about facilitating the inner curl from your untamed mane, creating color masterpieces, and tending to your personal style and flair.

We are all that and also just a bunch of real gals who care about your hair and want to pamper you while you are here and do what we can to make you feel mah-velous with your tresses long after you leave the salon. That’s right, we don’t keep our hair-fashioning secrets to ourselves! We want to walk you through the process to styling your hair with a salon look on a daily basis, without loads of hair-unfriendly product or a big expense of time.

But it’s not all about us; it’s about you and what you really want from your hair. Our commitment is to listen to you, which is also our first task before we even touch a hair on your head. We’ve found that when we listen to what you really want with your tresses, we get it right. And when we get it right, you get the salon experience you deserve – relaxed and happy with your hair.

So leave your uncomfy fashion ensemble in the closet for one more day, bring yourself in here just as you are and sit yourself down in the chair for our magic to begin.