An Up-Close and Personal Experience with Keratin-Bonded Hair Extensions

An Up-Close and Personal Experience with Keratin-Bonded Hair Extensions

Recently, one of our awesome clients wrote about her experience getting Keratin Bonded hair extensions with Lindsey. Here’s K.J.’s story…

I started losing my hair in 2006 after a series of really traumatic events. Actually, it happened within a 5 day time period. On a Tuesday, I had, at least I thought, a full head of very fine, baby thin hair. But I had enough that my stylist nor myself never knew anything different other than I had a lot of it. I was always told that… I had a ton of baby thin, fine hair. That was a Tuesday. Thursday and Friday it did seem odd, it got harder to style and then Saturday morning I had ½ of what I had that previous Tuesday and hairspray, volumizers, etc. wouldn’t hold a curl, shape, or style. The oddest thing though… I never shed any hair.

It just stopped growing over a timeframe and I guess I failed to notice. I saw someone that Sunday who fitted me for a wig, which cost me $2500. It was only years later that I found out that that same wig was sold by another “studio” for $650. It really was not a great looking piece and synthetic hair to boot, and so began my descent into somewhat social isolation, desperation and depression. Oh, and hair debt. I need to mention that. I wish I would have known then what I know now…. I never needed that wig. People talked me into it. I think even back in 2006 I had more hair than I do now and people really wanted to take advantage of the fact that I was, what I will call, vulnerable.

I lived in and out of wigs for about 2½ years and spent thousands of dollars on just about everything to “cure” my thinning hair. Then I met someone who said they would take a chance on putting me in hair extensions. I was in Denver at the time and I will always be grateful to her. I wore hair extensions successfully for almost a year and a half. The extensions added volume, length, fullness, and guess what… my scalp got to breathe again! She said what I needed to hear. “You don’t need to be wearing a wig or hairpiece at all. Let’s work with what you have.”

My hair grew back in…that was the most amazing part. Wow, I saw the top, sides, back of my scalp all getting so much more dense and full and wow, was I happy. I truly think that even in the fall of 2012 when I had no hair extensions, it was the hair I had back in 2005, pre-stress. Granted, I had aged a good six years. I knew my hormones were out of whack, but I was in a good place, and not just because of my hair. I was just in a good place.

Unfortunately, I lost the best thing that ever happened to me that fall of 2012. We had been together 13 years and it was the most devastating thing I’d ever had to live through. Naturally, with his passing, so did my hair. It went in a matter of six to eight weeks. I will tell you…. I didn’t care. I didn’t. I saw someone, who again, was very happy to charge me quite a bit for a wig that maybe I needed, maybe I didn’t. I just knew she was someone who didn’t listen or care about what I wanted, needed, etc.

In August 2013 I guess I decided I needed to start “living” again. What I mean by that is I wanted an opinion about what could I do with my hair. I had several appointments in the Seattle area but I have to say, when I met Lindsey at Pinup Salon we just clicked immediately, and it wasn’t about the fact that she and I have a number of things in common, but it was really that I felt like she wanted to help me and knew she could help me. When I first took off the poor excuse of a hairpiece that I had, she said, “you have a lot of hair”, and she told me what she could do with the keratin bonded hair extensions. I trusted her immediately because she told me where she would place the hair extensions, how we could make my hair thicker, fuller, better, healthier, etc., while blending them to look totally natural with the rest of my own hair.

The first day I was in extensions in was like such a huge weight lifted off me! I walked out of the salon feeling like maybe my old self. It was such a great feeling. And the extensions added volume, length and wow, a full head of hair! It’s now been eight months and yep, I am in extensions, my hair is growing back in (or I would love to think so, and that is what my dermatologist says) and I love going to see Lindsey and Jen, too. What I like is that within one or two visits, you feel like they have been styling your hair your whole life. Lindsey is amazing with extensions. Amazing is an understatement. I have a full head of hair and yes I pay for it. It is so worth it though. It has changed my life dramatically.  I also just want to say that the best thing about this salon is that if you want 15-75 minutes of private time with your stylist, they accommodate that. It is scary to take off a hairpiece, show a thinning hair spot, etc. I truly feel blessed that I can call Lindsey and Jen my friends and that they will take care of me and all of my hair issues. They fit me in all the time when I have a hair crisis, but I thankfully don’t have them often anymore. They just take such good care of you. I think the one thing I really want to express is that you should exhaust all options, trust your instincts, and never accept what someone tells you is going to be the end all be all for your hair. It’s important to get multiple opinions and take it for me, you can trust Lindsey to be honest about what can and can’t be done for you. She won’t pressure you, but she will support you looking and feeling 1000% better about your hair.