How to Care for Your Hair as It Ages

How to Care for Your Hair as It Ages

Your hair is your crowning glory… at any age! As grays grow in and hair texture begins to change through the years, a little hair care routine adaptation can inspire great big confidence. So, what can you do to embrace your evolving look as the golden years approach?

Prepare for coarser hair

As we age, the natural oils in our hair become less prevalent. You can use shampoo and conditioners that list silk protein as an ingredient to combat this effect. Silk protein can make hair smoother and easier to work with by reinforcing strands with a light protective shield. You may also opt for a leave-in conditioner.

Bonus tip: Turn down the temperature on that super-hot shower. Excessive heat can strip your hair of moisture. Cold water closes the pores on your scalp and seals off hair cuticles, which translates to moisture retention. If you must take hot showers, strike a balance by rinsing your hair with cooler water at the end of the shower.

Reconsider the daily wash

Frequent washing will dry out even the most supple and shiny hair! Try shampooing every other day and notice whether your hair feels silkier and more manageable. Use only a small dollop of mild shampoo – just enough to work up a light lather. You may also consider incorporating a clarifying shampoo into your routine once a week. This deep-cleansing shampoo may be all you need to get rid of extra residue.

Ease up on blow drying

Just as excess heat from frequent hot showers can damage hair, regular unprotected blow drying can have the same effect — especially on fine hair. Avoid cranking the heat above a medium setting, and be sure to hold the dryer 6-12 inches away from your hair. Above age 40, hair can become especially delicate, so be mindful of that heat. This also applies to curlers, flat irons, and other heated appliances. A low to medium heat setting is typically a safe rule of thumb.

Schedule regular trims

Getting a regular trim at the salon is like a power boost for your hair, so remember to schedule regular appointments with your stylist!

As we get older, moisture is best retained when hair is shorter. Longer hair can appear drier and coarser, especially as it is more susceptible to split ends. Shorter hair – even shoulder length – can hold that covetable shine well after 40.